Luxury According to Feng shui


This is my third article about luxury. Let me quote again the sentence that I delivered in the previous article: “Money can buy a bed but not a good sleep, food but not appetite, amusement but not happiness”.

On this occasion, I want to mention what Christopher Alexander said in his book “The Timeless Way of Building”. He implies that the environment plays a major role in shaping someone, and a person’s condition is influenced by their harmony with the environment. This means that one’s personality doesn’t only depend on their thoughts, their mindset or what happens in their life.

We need to contemplate this aforementioned notion. The magnitude of the environment’s role affecting the comfort of our lives is certainly not one-way but is rather a “give and take”. This means that we should be grateful and care for our environment in a broad sense; we need to support and participate in the current anti-plastic movement, and we need to be aware of pollution from micro plastic. All this effort and education is important, because the potential damage caused can endanger our lives.

Our good reasoning and our ability to filter information is certainly a luxury, especially when the scattered information is sometimes so misleading. These days, with the help of social media, we can find out how the people we know are educated so highly, who are socially on a very well-established level, but can do things that don’t make sense and cause feelings of pity . Why does this happen? how can the role of feng shui prevent this? How can feng shui provide luxury in the form of good reasoning?

In feng shui, which studies the influence of the earth’s electromagnetic force on humans, it is said that if we are in harmony with our environment and have the right feng shui arrangement, we can then reap the benefits of better health, optimal welfare and positive harmony, and by obtaining such a life, we will live happily because we can finally get peace of mind.

To be able to achieve it all, we can’t just wait for it to come. We need to be proactive and work on it. One way is to arrange suitable feng shui for us. This arrangement can be started from the selection of the right location, the orientation of the building that fits according to feng shui, then arranging the layout with appropriate room divisions, followed by a correct interior arrangement.

This arrangement is not generic because in reality each individual is different. Feng shui is individual, and the arrangement is customised in accordance with the respective users. The division of human typology according to feng shui can be done by inputting their date of birth that needs to be detailed up to the birth hour. Then, we need to take field data from the property to be studied. At this stage of luopan (feng shui compass) we need to measure the orientation of the building. From these two data feng shui practitioners can do calculations based on feng shui formulas so that the building can fit and harmonise well with the user and the surrounding environment. The harmony obtained will provide comfort with priceless value. This is where you will get harmony in your life and fill it with warmth and happines. With feng shui you can have excellent health to help you move smoothly, and you can enjoy your high productivity with enthusiasm. That is the luxury achieved by applying the right feng shui.

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Sidhi Wiguna Teh
Sidhi is an architect whose thirst for knowledge has never ceased. He completed his architectural education at Tarumanagara University, then proceeded to study Feng Shui from Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and obtained a license in elementary and intermediate teaching modules under the name of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai.