Luxury with Utmost Security

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

On the 19th Floor of the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta sits the Presidential Suite, an exquisite two-bedroom suite beautifully designed by New York-based designer Alexandra Champalimaud. In addition to its opulent detailing and state-of-the-art functionalities, the suite also boasts complex security features such as bulletproof and sniper-resistant windows, making it the most secure suite in Jakarta.

Carefully-curated art pieces, gold leaf ceilings, customised chandeliers are just a few of the intricate details Champalimaud included when designing this elegant suite. Taking up half of the 19th floor, the suite is 380 sqm in size, allowing for a spacious living room, dining room and study along with the two bedrooms, perfect for private gatherings and large families.

The suite is neoclassical-inspired, with the master bedroom exuding a calming atmosphere through its blue colour scheme. The designer chose this specific colour, a subtle neutral, to convey a sense of delicate intimacy. The en suite bathroom was made entirely out of marble with gold accents, emanating pure regality whilst keeping in touch with the timeless elegance of the neoclassical style.

Guests can host an elegant dinner party for 12 at the dining room with a menu exclusively prepared by Executive Chef Marco Riva. Partygoers can enjoy the delicious food and drinks whilst marvelling at the Jakarta skyline through the suite’s wall-to-wall panoramic views.

The public spaces feature curated pieces of art that reference local culture and history ingeniously mixed with the neoclassical theme. This perfectly aligns with the combination of Southeast Asian and Western European cultures exuding throughout the hotel. The juxtaposition of the dramatic pieces of art in the public spaces and the subtle, understated style of the private spaces allow guests to feel the difference in ambience throughout the suite.

The Presidential Suite also includes a US BR5-grade bulletproof and sniper-resistant glass covering every single window, ensuring maximum security for high-profile guests. Other amenities include full Premier Club Benefits, which start with a personalised in-suite check-in, 24-hour concierge service, complimentary breakfast, cocktail hour, laundry and premium internet, and much more.

For added privacy and security, the entire 19th floor of the hotel can be booked. This includes the Presidential Suite, the 195-sqm Ambassador Suite, and three other suites. Guests can enjoy this added privacy along with the convenience of dedicated personal attendant services. High-profile guests can come and go undetected through the hotel’s discreet entranceway and private elevator access.

The Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta’s reopening was a massive success, especially with the help of Champalimaud’s brilliant eye in designing timelessly elegant spaces. The Presidential Suite just adds the cherry on top. A private haven for business travellers and tourists alike, this suite is the perfect place to unwind in complete privacy, whilst basking in the delicate designs and features the hotel has to offer.

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Bagus Tri Laksono

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