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Elegant, sophisticated and cosy. These are the first impressions visitors have upon stepping inside LIXIL’s brand new showroom on TB Simatupang Street, South Jakarta. The company that represents three leading water technology brands, GROHE, INAX and American Standard, cleverly displays its high-tech products in an interior which combines Japanese philosophy with customer convenience.

For a company in the business of water and housing, it’s only natural that the interior design of LIXIL’s new showroom is inspired by flowing water. However this thematic also symbolises the brand’s focus on innovation, creating environmentally friendly ecosystems and supporting sustainable business. All the spaces are integrated and intertwined, illustrating the connectivity between functions. Spacious views across the showroom allow for safe distancing and a comfortable viewing of the collections.

A spiral staircase in the middle of the ground floor draws the attention of anyone who enters. Once inside, a tranquil atmosphere prevails through the presence of neutral colours and high quality materials, all designed to embody Japanese craftsmanship and culture. Spread across two floors, the 731-sqm showroom presents a pleasant experience where visitors can see their dream of a comfortable home is possible.A LIXIL lounge shares the ground floor with attractive displays of top tier brands namely: GROHE Aquasymphony, 3D Icon, Colours, Grandera Suits, Lineare Suites and Shower Live Display; INAX S600 Suites, S400 Suites and INAX Tiles; and American Standards Acacia SupaSleek Suites, Kastello Suites, City Suites, Milano Suites and Neo Modern Suites display.

Every display shows how the right products can make your home better. For example, a state-of-the-art GROHE Aquasymphony shower unit, which is installed right across the reception area, is available for demonstration should a customer is interested in a real-life experience. And not to worry, the thoughtful design will not splash you! Other items, such as plants, towels and toiletries are placed throughout the displays, enhancing the homely atmosphere.

The design development was led by Kharisma Maulida, LIXIL Water Technology Indonesia’s B2B Activation Leader. She developed the initial ideas and sketches, divided the zonings, made sure the team prepared a meticulous mood board so there were clear images for visualization. Kharisma also supervised the construction progress and assured all works follow the approved design, in addition to supervising the selected materials. Other non-LIXIL materials like flooring and kitchen cabinets were used for the showroom which served to highlight the collections. These include vinyl floors, rugs, HPL, tempered glass and homogeneous tiles.Traversing the iconic staircase, visitors arrive at the second floor, which is no less spacious and exquisitely designed. While the first floor is all about bathrooms, the second floor features both bathroom and kitchen products. Arrays of faucets, sinks, toilets, wash basins and wall tiles, you name it, they have it.

Not only a showroom, the second floor also functions as an event space to host seminars, exhibitions and other design-related activities for architects and designers. While these events are on hold due to the pandemic, LIXIL provides an online option via a virtual showroom tour, accessible through their official website.

Santa Firmansjah, president director of LIXIL Water Technology Indonesia, stated that LIXIL Indonesia is dedicated to making water and housing products more accessible for Indonesians to have comfortable homes during this changing time. Their goal to continue to innovate and combine meaningful designs, is demonstrated in this new showroom where one is enriched with ideas and inspired to realise a better home.

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