MM Galleri: The Innovative Stone Specialist

MM Galleri: The Innovative Stone Specialist


MM Galleri, the stone specialist, pioneers innovative designs that accentuate the natural beauty of marble. Utilising cutting-edge techniques such as bending marbles, state-of-the-art 7-axis CNC technology, economical 8-millimetre thick marble, and exquisite craftsmanship, the company is at the forefront of revolutionising the application of natural stone.

STORY BY Iman Hidajat | PHOTOS BY MM Galleri

Showroom in Singapore

Established in 1992, MM Galleri specialises in supplying a wide range of natural stones. Catering to architects, interior designers, furniture craftsmen, developers, and homeowners in Indonesia, Singapore, and beyond, the company has earned a reputation for excellence. Serving prestigious clients like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and various 5-star hotels, MM Galleri collaborates with renowned designers such as Philip Stack and Yamazaki to introduce exclusive collections.

For over 30 years, MM Galleri has made the mission to continuously innovate and create new applications of stone for daily lives. Based in South East Asia, the company is the leading stone supplier in the region with 700,000 square metres of stock in stone. As a world-class stone player, the company is always updating to the latest trends and technologies available in the industry. MM Galleri factories are equipped with the latest technology and machinery to provide customers more options on a more complicated natural stones request.

Showroom in Juanda

Founded by Tjioe Peter Sutjiono, who believes in the paramount importance of ideas and their development, MM Galleri embodies a philosophy that places creativity at the forefront. “Ideas are more valuable than money, which is why companies now sell ideas,” asserts Sutjiono.

Speaking about MM Galleri, he elaborated,”We no longer market stone in conventional sheets or uniform sizes. Instead, we fuse artistry with cutting-edge marble curving technology to create works of art suitable for both interiors and furniture in hotels and residences. We’ve patented this marble bending technology.”

Onyx Bathtub

The unique and exclusive designs produced by MM Galleri swiftly capture the interest of discerning customers. Its products are highly sought after by prominent contractors in Singapore and the U.S.

Sutjiono has also been bestowed with the Pinnacle Award from the Natural Stone Institute in January 2019 in Las Vegas and was included in “Building Stone” magazine by Natural Stone Institute as the only person capable of breaking Italy’s dominance in the world of stone, especially marble. Other awards he has received, among others, are the Tatler Design Award Singapore, SIDS Luminary Award, and BCI Asia Award.


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