Alex Bayusaputro: ‘MOIE Nest is a Modern Resort in the City’


Alex Bayusaputro, the founder of Genius Loci, boasts over two decades of experience in the industry, along with numerous design awards. Under his leadership, Genius Loci continues to innovate by developing fresh concepts and cutting-edge methods that harmonise bespoke details, creating a sensory experience within their projects. The philosophy driving Genius Loci’s success is encapsulated in the mantra, “Great Design Makes You Smile,” emphasising that design is not merely about aesthetics, but an integration of all the senses with practicality.

Tell us briefly about the concept of MOIE Nest
I was very fortunate to be asked to collaborate with MOIELAND Global Property to do this first unique project. Why unique? MOIE Nest is a work of design with a very different marketing style. We built only one unit called MOIE Nest—no more.

Could you provide a brief overview of the MOIE Nest concept?
Collaborating with MOIELAND Global Property on MOIE Nest was a unique endeavour. What set this project apart was its unconventional marketing style. Unlike typical developers who design one to three model houses and replicate them across hundreds of units, MOIE Nest is distinct. We created a single unit called MOIE Nest, and our approach involves generating different designs for each unique plot of land. This approach is what makes the project truly exceptional.

How did you approach the design process for MOIE Nest?
Genius Loci, as the name suggests, means ‘the spirit of a place,’ and I firmly believe that the design should be dictated by the land itself. The land, in a way, speaks to our hearts and guides us in how the design should take shape. Understanding the land and its surroundings, such as the sun, water, river, and the neighbourhood,
is vital. We took our time to develop a solid concept before commencing any work, and we went through several ideas before settling on the perfect one. In fact, we changed the concept three times during the process.

The first-floor design plays a crucial role in defining the character of MOIE Nest. What inspired this concept?
Our aim was to create a welcoming atmosphere as soon as you enter the house. There’s no conventional garage door; instead, you drive in, park your car inside, and immediately find yourself in an urban resort. We believe in crafting a beautiful home that goes beyond aesthetics and embraces a holistic approach. People tend to gravitate toward the familiar, but we wanted to introduce something different. Upon entering, you’ll discover a serene living room with a view of the central pool, along with a dining area and kitchen. This setup allows you to entertain guests in both spaces whilst maintaining a sense of connection. The open-air design further enhances the connectivity to the floors above.

You refer to the floors above as the ‘elevation of tranquillity.’ Could you elaborate on this concept?
The second floor is designed to offer a junior bedroom with a walk-in closet, a stylish guest bedroom, and a study area geared towards productivity. These rooms combine comfort with a touch of sophistication, creating a tranquil retreat for everyone. In addition, there’s a semi-outdoor veranda that serves as a peaceful sanctuary, providing the comfort of an indoor setting with an outdoor ambiance. The master’s quarter on this level offers a cosy space for a peaceful retreat and includes a dedicated workspace. In the evening, you can enjoy city views, reminiscent of Hong Kong or New York City.

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