Myconian Collection: Keeping The Family Legacy

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Just when the scenic Mykonos was booming into one of the world's top destinations, one family seized the early opportunity to develop a series of retreats, now under the label Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts. Welcome to Mykonos, where the beautiful landscape, tradition and family values continue to live on.

The allure of Mykonos’ beautiful landscape that reflects the sunbeam over the turquoise sea and azure skyline has enchanted many travellers from around the world. The island is filled with cubic whitewashed houses without roofs, blue shutters, churches with coloured domes, picturesque windmills and countless narrow streets, which make up the character of Mykonos and unites the past with the present.

Of all the families who live in Mykonos, the Daktylides is a family who had a dream to develop their small business into a successful and powerful enterprise while trusting their children to continue running it. The couple, George and Eleftheria Daktylides, started their own business in the 50s, operating the only public transport on the island. Back then, the island ran a barter economy and Eleftheria along with everyone else who lived off the island traded cheese, sausages, cured fish and produce with the townsfolk for imports such as sugar, flour, rice, coffee, spaghetti and even cigarettes that were sold individually from a big box.

Aside from visitors to a few private villas, the island was a well-guarded secret before the yachts and cruise ships of the sixties began to drop anchor on their way to view the magnificent ancient ruins of Delos. This attracted people to visit Mykonos including the Onassis and Jackie O, Princess Soraya, Grace Kelly, Brando and Liz Taylor, just to mention a few, and Christian Dior who famously crowned the town’s tailor, Josef Salachas “le roe du pantalon” (the king of trousers), inspiring Givenchy to collaborate on a couture collection.

George realised that the increasing tourism hasn't been balanced with the amount of accommodation for those travellers who wanted a longer stay. With his burgeoning contacts in trading and construction, George decided to undertake a development of his own and build his first hotel on Mykonos just outside of town. The first hotel named Kohili was built in 1979 with 25 rooms and a location set high above the town, directly overlooking the seven famous 16th-century windmills. It boasts a view of the Aegean Sea by day and the glittering spectacle of the town by night. The hotel was an instant hit and this encouraged George to build the second one called Korali a year later with double the room numbers.

The success of the Daktylides was earned through hard work. Eleftheria made breakfast for all the guests and did the housekeeping and laundry. While raising four sons, she also provided meals for the 40 construction workers who were busy building the new hotel. George worked from morning to evening and invested all the profits back into the business. Six years later, Kyma and Kalypso joined the first two hotels and formed a group called K Hotels. However, George saw the growing demand for luxury destinations and he decided to purchase a plot on the south coast above the bay of Platis Gialos. There, he built the island’s first five-star hotel, the Myconian Ambassador.

The couple also understood the need for an education in international management, so they decided to send all four sons to the world-renowned hotel school in Lausanne. Once the four brothers were back on the island, they immediately received the task to build another five-star hotel at Elia Bay that has the most scenic cliffs. As a result, the Royal property was done in 2000 followed by the Imperial in 2002. Afterwards they added a new villa collection called Utopia and Avaton. Throughout this time, the collection never lost the sense of family and its values. There is a strong relationship between the Daktylides family, the island and the staff that reflects on each guests’ experience of warm and personalised service, as well as the privileged relationships that discreetly open doors to the island’s best suppliers and services.

The four brothers are now running the entire business with all nine brands under the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts. Markos Daktylides runs the Myconian Imperial Hotel and Thalasso Center, a luxurious deluxe resort with an extensive Thalasso Spa. Panos Daktylides manages the Myconian Royal Hotel & Spa, which combines the best of Myconian hospitality and personal service with new standards of comfort and Mediterranean design. Vangelis Daktylides runs the Myconian Ambassador Hotel Thalasso Center with its gorgeous location overlooking Platy Yialos Beach, and Marios Daktylides manages the four properties of K Hotels.

As George and Eleftheria are now in their retirement period, their four sons and nine grandchildren continue to keep the family legacy alive. This is the story of the Myconian Collection.

Overlooking the popular beach of Platis Gialos, Myconian Ambassador was designed by renowned architect, Galal Mahmoud who created a true escapism experience into the Greek Mediterranean lifestyle. Mahmoud, who also designed Korali, Kyma and Naia, believes in humanistic architecture; spaces that place the individuals inhabiting particular spaces at the heart of the design process.

Ambassador implements the classic Grecian architecture of white and blue, creating a light, heavenly realm for its guests to unwind in. The hotel’s architecture blends the tones and textures of the local vernacular with a contemporary chic style, and its interiors embody the clean lines and cool sophistication of high design, flowing into the tranquillity of the bedrooms, suites and spectacular pool deck. Each room and suite was designed for maximum space and comfort, with open flow interiors underpinned by the elegance of contemporary lines, bold proportions and natural texture. Mahmoud’s traces of Egyptian and English descent, combined with his Lebanese citizenship and time living and working in Paris, is the accent that he integrates into the hotel’s sculptural design.

The Royal Myconian is a luxury resort that has awe-inspiring privileged views over Elia Bay and the longest sand beach in Mykonos. An illuminated rustic façade of Cycladic stone acts as a stage curtain to welcome guests into contemporary interiors, where they can enjoy vast entertainment decks. Envisioned by a Greek set designer, Royal Myconian draws inspiration from a blend of antiquity and new-age fantasy. In this resort, guests are offered the option of an infinity pool or jacuzzi, and a spacious balcony or vast terrace in every room and suite to provide them with the highest standard of comfort.

Leading Architect Antonis Kalogridis’ vision for the Royal Myconian Resort was to embrace the traditional Cycladic atmosphere but also incorporate contemporary features. Every single space has become a window to the Aegean Sea; a pathway to cosmopolitan Hellenism. The hotel combines antique natural design, such as chandeliers and carved wooden sculptures, with traditional Greek white walls integrated into the architecture. This blended design exaggerates the hotel’s luxurious atmosphere, presenting guests with an indulgent and relaxing ambience in every corner of the resort.

Poised immediately above the island’s Elia Beach and overlooking the Aegean Sea, Myconian Imperial Resort boasts spectacular views of never-ending sea and sky. The hotel’s minimalist design allows a strikingly beautiful contrast between the rich Azur blue of its surroundings and the heavenly, luxurious all-white interiors. Antonis Kalogridis who was the head of design visualised a metropolitan loft above the sea. He teamed up with the Internationally-acclaimed Greek interior designer, Angelos Angelopoulos who chose the minimalistic approach for the design of the Myconian Imperial rooms to give that seductive feel.

The hotel’s majestic white profile certainly encompasses this, rising from rustic stone walls that anchor the Imperial into the foot of the gentle slope that connects it to the water below. Its accommodation is defined by spaciousness and airy interiors that are an oasis of white, offset by warm wood details and quirky design. Openings throughout the hotel onto the expanse of sea and sky invite guests to move seamlessly in and out, and discover the many secret lookouts, luxury spa, gourmet restaurants, entertainment deck with its saltwater pool and seductive bars.

Built into the rock high above Elia Beach, the Myconian Avaton Resort is comprised of the work of nature and the art of man that generates a haven of architectural and luxurious beauty. Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Greeks named their most cherished places “Avaton”, proclaiming that these places were so perfect, sanctified and immaculate that no common foot may be set upon them.

The design of the hotel immerses guests into an architectural paradise with an exceptional, striking design that contrasts the famous Greek white stone with deep reds and blacks, imitating the beauty and natural essence of the unspoilt landscape surrounding the Avaton. This resort is a true original, drawing on one family’s island roots and a tradition distilled into the essence of genuine hospitality. The hotel’s unparalleled design is dispersed throughout its rooms, spa, restaurant and external areas, allowing guests to experience the perfect luxurious haven that Mykonos is renowned for.

Perched on a rock 300 metres above Elia Beach, the Myconian Utopia Resort offers incomparable panoramic views with sophisticated hospitality and sheer natural beauty that live up to the hotel’s name. Utopia is defined by the Greek words for ‘not’ and ‘place’ as an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

Utopia’s interior and exterior echo this statement, with its stunning wooden design that combines the natural beauty of its location with modern opulence. As a green-conscious hotel that focuses on sustainability, Utopia’s villas and suites were built using locally quarried, hand-cut stones and renewable materials. As a result, the hotel’s design is quintessential, achieving a harmonious counterpoint to the iconic design pieces and customised furnishings of ultra-glamorous interiors. This combination makes the hotel the ultimate destination for couples and honeymooners who seek a romantic getaway in a perfect setting of transcendent design and unbeatable panoramic vistas.

The Myconian Villa Collection is an exclusive getaway for guests desiring discrete luxury and exceptional personalised services. Each of the prestigious guest rooms and villas offers a private infinity pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and an open space, alongside lavish accommodation and complete privacy.

The terraced villas boast uninterrupted views of the Aegean on one side and lean on a mountain on the other, and the design of each villa reflects Mykonos’ natural beauty. The spectacular interiors reflect the local vernacular alongside contemporary design; thus, every detail of the Myconian Villa Collection is enveloped in sophistication, relaxation and tranquillity. The traditional Greek white and blue colours run through its design, as well as spaciousness and privacy, echoing the Aegean poet’s vision of complete relaxation.

Positioned on a hilltop, Myconian Korali Hotel overlooks the historical island of Delos and the enchanting Mykonos town. With a contemporary approach, the hotel’s signature yellow and touches of red and orange can be found throughout the hotel, particularly through its curated masterpieces. The aim was to create a refined experience that allows guests to feel a sense of sophisticated ease and wellbeing. The luxurious rooms and suites have shaded balconies, paired with oversized pools or Jacuzzis with the spectacular view of the glistening sea below as the background.

A boutique hotel that offers a five-star experience with discreet luxury, the Myconian Naia Luxury Suites are inspired by the ancient Mycenaean style. The hotel’s architecture presents a unique mélange of contrasting elements and shapes, rare artworks and prestigious designer creations.

Rustic stone walls, private pools, panoramic verandas and a glamorous deck subtly blends into the horizon. The hotel’s 18 luxury suites are impeccably designed and decorated with a timeless elegance. Naia is a hotel with a design that blends the best of both worlds; Greek island white and blue tradition in a contemporary design approach.

Wrapped in timeless beauty, Myconian Kyma Hotel is a five-star haven of luxury hospitality that is set high above the town. The hotel’s architecture and interiors sit between a laid-back luxury and meticulous attention to detail, creating an astounding experience that reflects its natural surroundings of lush gardens, private terraces and panoramic views.

Kyma comes from the Greek word that means “wave”, and the hotel certainly reflects this notion, with guests experiencing newly renovated designs of the1960s, and art-filled spaces that resemble a wave due to the contrasts of marble and wood. With the white-washed walls and double-storied structure, the rooms and suites are surrounded by beautiful straight lines contrasted with curves resembling the Cycladic architecture.

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