Nararya Ciputra Sastrawinata: The Growing Importance of Eco-Culture


Since 2017, Nararya Ciputra Sastrawinata has been serving as one of the directors in the Ciputra Group. He has been familiar with the property business from a young age. His parents often took him to various project surveys and launch events, which sparked Nararya’s interest in the world of property.

Why are only 28 villas built at CitraLake Villa?

By meticulously curating just 28 villas, CitraLake Villa establishes an aura of prestige and ensures that each resident enjoys an intimate and highly- coveted address. We also maintain a higher ratio of lakes and green areas than houses to prioritise environmental preservation, enhance sustainability, and create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing living environment.

What kind of community do you envision?

There will be an exclusive community that combines the dynamic urban lifestyle with the tranquility of green surroundings. This community fulfills all internal and external needs, ensuring convenience and satisfaction for residents with a range of cluster amenities, including a treehouse, lakeside barbecue area, yoga park by the lake, viewing deck, guest parking area, and a track path.

CitraLake Villa is built using eco-friendly development designs like wind and sun direction.
Ciputra Group recognises the growing importance of eco-culture amongst homebuyers, especially in the high-end market. Homebuyers generally prefer sustainable living and are conscious of the long-term monthly housing expenses, with a significant portion attributed to energy costs.

You are building an ‘island of wellness’ in this CitraGarden township. Why here?
The development site is surrounded by mature trees and lush greenery, featuring two stunning waterfronts. The site boasts a generous open space, with 4.7 hectares dedicated to the lake and green area and 1.3 hectares designated as housing areas. It is also conveniently located near a senior living centre, a 24-hour fitness center, and a 1.6-kilometre jogging track. The combination of natural greenery, amenities, and proximity to wellness facilities makes it ideal to be recognised as an “Island of Wellness.”

Can you explain the Finehomes Signature label for this establishment?
Ciputra Group is a renowned property developer known for its diverse portfolio. Recognising the demand for high-end housing, we acknowledge the need to cater to the luxury segment. In response, we have meticulously crafted a distinct development specifically for this market, known as “Finehomes Signature”.

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