Natuzzi Italia at Plaza Indonesia: Fabio Novembre Brings the Mediterranean to Jakarta

Natuzzi Italia at Plaza Indonesia: Fabio Novembre Brings the Mediterranean to Jakarta


Story by Iman Hidajat | Photos by Piet Kalalo Sengkey

Natuzzi Italia’s first mono-brand showroom in Indonesia was designed by Fabio Novembre, an acclaimed Italian architect and interior designer. His iconic style celebrates the brand’s Puglian roots with an interior that reflects the southern Italian region’s culture, colours, and tradition.

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Natuzzi Italia evokes a timeless quality underpinned by the characteristics of Southern Italy, the region where the brand began in 1959. The products are handcrafted in Italy and offer low-impact, breathable, long-lasting, and comfortable pieces that move with you.

Melandas has been exclusively carry Natuzzi Italia since 2018 with the brand’s first showroom in Melandas Flagship Store in Dipo Business Centre, Central Jakarta. And then continued to its mono-brand store in Plaza Indonesia which was opened in 2022 in conjunction with Melandas 23 anniversary.

“In Natuzzi Italia showroom, we like to celebrate life in harmony. We want all this to become substance, a tangible, physical sign like a house that would welcome our guests by introducing them to our world: Puglia,” Fabio explains.

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The new concept showroom evokes the atmosphere of the Mediterranean while the lighting celebrates the local traditions of southern Italy. “It is like a path that knows no boundaries, between sky and Puglia’s famous olive trees, on a single horizon of harmony,” he reiterates. Like a landscape, customers are free to wander about the space and appreciate the quality of products. The showroom changes one’s perception and mindset – capturing one’s imagination from the dream of owning a piece of Natuzzi Italia to the decision to acquire one.

As Fabio envisioned, the Natuzzi Italia mono-brand showroom continues to express the value of sharing and blending with all the designers and the loyal customers with whom they have built profound relationships – these bonds are a true example of circular harmony.

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