Opulent River Cruising

Photography By Avalon Waterways Doc.

Feast your eyes on the world’s most enchanting rivers, from Europe to Galapagos Islands and across Asia. Avalon Waterways will sail you away to a stunning vantage point in the lap of luxury.

A water voyage is a great way for people to enjoy nature, and stepping into one of Avalon’s suite ships is where you can discover the beauty of some of the world’s famous rivers while basking in the comfort of a luxury holiday.

Avalon Waterways offers a high-end cruise ship tour, allowing you to embrace and admire a beautiful sunset, green landscapes, and even deep-blue rivers; all of which are probably in everyone’s bucket list.

Comfort, luxury and serving a unique experience has become an essential part of the river cruising industry, and that’s what Avalon offers to its guests. This is what led to Avalon receiving the Cruise Critic’s Award for the Best Cabins in river cruising.
Guests can enter the open-air balcony through the sliding 11-foot wide wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and experience ultimate relaxation by sitting on the sofa or chair. The open space with a French-style balcony allows you to capture the magnificent landscape itself while doing activities.

The most available unit in each of the Avalon ships is called the Panorama Suite. Each suite features a floor-to-ceiling window aimed to frame and enhance the breath-taking scenery, marked by the consistent use of transparent sliding doors, and an en suite bathroom with marble walls and handsome granite countertops. Once you pay attention to the window as wide open as the views, you will be astonished by the precious moment of the beautiful river water, sunlight, and an array of mountains that pamper your eyes.

In 2011, the Avalon Panorama ship was launched and is know considered as the best first-class suite ship in the world. As the name suggests, Avalon Panorama boasts the signature suite with the widest opening windows, the first in the industry featuring two full decks of the ship, full-size bed facing the ever-changing scenery, and limitless access to the spacious open-air balcony.

Currently, there are as many as 12 additional Panorama class ships that have been launched including the recently-operated Avalon Envision. And under construction is the Avalon View, which is slated to launch in 2020. Cruising along the finest rivers in Europe such as Danube and Rheine, Avalon upholds elegant and contemporary design style. It is best suited for both seasoned and well-travelled guests who expect a friendly luxurious environment for both leisure and business purposes. The experience can be best described as “laidback luxury.”

The signature style design of the Avalon Europe ships was crafted by Liane van Leeuwen of Studio L in the Netherlands. Her approach in every inch of the ship design for each corner includes the selection of furniture, flooring, fabric, lighting, décor, and art details. Such a high-end impression that you can experience only in Avalon.

With Avalon Envision, Liane proposed using some lighter-coloured wood in places and the company asked for some commissioned artworks. This has correspondingly resulted in the creation of the magnificent cruise that the company feels proud of.
Meanwhile, Avalon ships in Asia are crafted by a variety of designers from TTT Architects and Interior Design in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The designs in Avalon ships is indeed one important factor that has gained our popularity. The designs are what many of their loyal guests see as how Avalon preserves the authenticity that makes the name stand out from the crowd.

Avalon is ready to sail you away all year, except during winter. Due to the seasonality of river cruising, the company always has a winter break to do similar upgrades to the existing ships. Avalon modernises and maintains all of their ships well, and besides, they regularly upgrade the water treatment and other facilities, for examply adding USB plugs next to the bed for charging smartphones and other devices. This marks Avalon’s commitment to providing the best service to their guests.

All Avalon ships provide onboard amenities including free Wi-Fi access and complimentary internet corners, a well-stocked library, expanded fitness centre, as well as a spacious sky deck equipped with delightful sky bistros, shade systems, premium lounge chairs and a whirlpool to accommodate the guests’ needs.

All in all, enjoying the beautiful landscape with a one-of-a-kind concept, luxurious design, and first-rate facilities are where you will be sailed to the next level of river cruising. It’s a sumptuous water voyage that you should not miss, indeed.

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