Paloma and The Key to Design Photography

Paloma and The Key to Design Photography


Paloma’s purpose is to empower excellent living by flawlessly blending aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, unlocking a lifestyle of innovation and sophistication. This vision resonates with what Mario Wibowo envisions as one of the leading architectural photographers in Indonesia.

STORY BY Iman Hidajat | PHOTOS BY Mario Wibowo

Mario embarked on his career in 2012 as a general photographer, initially focusing on weddings and family portraits. He mentioned that he explored almost every photography genre out of passion and curiosity.

“However, I believe that my degree in architecture and seven years in the industry have significantly influenced me,” he said. “Even when I was engaged in wedding or street photography, I always sought out an appealing architectural backdrop. Eventually, a good friend noticed my talent and took a chance by hiring me to photograph one of his projects.”

When asked about the elements that constitute satisfying projects for him, Mario replied that great design, favourable weather conditions, and the freedom to implement his vision are crucial for successful photo projects.

“But, the most important aspect of photographing a project is understanding the design intent and translating it into a dimensional form. Challenges vary on- site, including weather conditions, crowd control, on-site coordination, limited shooting time, and more,” he explained.

Mario also mentioned his recent project photographing the Paloma showroom at the Indonesia Design District. “I’ve revisited IDD several times to shoot for the Paloma Experience Centre and am grateful for their trust in allowing me to execute my vision,” he acknowledged. “Paloma also ensures their team fully cooperates with us and accommodates any requests, no matter how unconventional, such as asking a team member to walk back and forth to be included in the frame,” Mario added with a smile.

He further said about incorporating Paloma products into his studio. At first, he was interested in the products because of the design. They are modern, sleek, and have a premium feel. “After more than a year of using the products, they have also proven durable,” he remarked.

Closing the conversation, Mario shared his message. “Building a home is a commitment, and not everyone possesses extensive knowledge about all the items needed. Having the opportunity to touch, feel, and experience the product before purchase is essential.”


Indonesia Design District Unit R12B/R15A

Jl. M. H. Thamrin, Tangerang, Banten 15213
T. +6282210008938

IG. @palomahardware

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