PIK Katamaran Residence: Timeless Elegance

PIK Katamaran Residence: Timeless Elegance

By vira

Spacious and elegant are the sentiments architect Nelson Liaw sought to evoke upon entering this house. Designed in the modern classic style, this four-storey residence, situated in North Jakarta boasts beyond the basic functions requested by its owners.

Story by Vira Tanka | Photos by Mario Wibowo

Mosaic wall at the foyer

Upon entering the house, visitors are greeted by a floor- to-ceiling mosaic in the foyer, set behind a console table boasting dramatic tree trunk-shaped brass-coloured legs. Adorned with black marble framing and a butterfly chandelier, this welcoming space immediately exudes the opulence characteristic of the entire residence.

Continuing into the living and dining areas reveals predominantly white marble flooring, panelled walls, and a coffered ceiling. The harmonious interplay of colours, shapes, and materials in this open-plan space fosters an ambiance of both expansiveness and sophistication. Nelson elaborates, “The homeowner sought a residence that is comfortably luxurious, not overly intricate, yet with a distinct wow factor. Something elegant, not purely classic, neither excessively modern nor overly simple. Thus, I aimed for a design that strikes a balance between these elements,” Nelson explained.

Dining table and pantry within the open-plan area of the living room
The pantry

To meet the owners’ desire for a radiant ambiance, the living and dining rooms are adorned with a white marble flooring featuring minimal patterns. Nelson, an architect with 20 years of experience, adeptly executes the application of white marble, emphasizing the meticulous alignment of patterns across slabs while ensuring resistance to stains. His expertise extends to the application process, sequence of tasks, and subsequent maintenance, reflecting his deep investment in the project.

A classical chandelier gracefully adorns the space above the sofa, while a more contemporary fixture illuminates the dining table. Adjacent to the elevator and spiral staircase, a pantry elegantly complements the dining area. Sliding doors seamlessly link this space to the garden, a fusion of Mediterranean and tropical aesthetics. Surrounding the perimeter are Buddhist pine trees, strategically planted to preserve the family’s privacy. Outside the fence, blackboard trees thrive, joined by an olive tree nestled in the corner.

The spiral staircase from the basement to the third floor
The spiral staircase is topped with a dome by Eztu Glass

The second floor serves as a private area, housing a master bedroom and three bedrooms for the children. This level maintains an elegant simplicity, featuring solely a stylish contemporary cupboard in the corridor. Adding a touch of modernity, each bedroom is equipped with a face-reader smart lock. Consistency in the clean interior design is observed throughout the bedrooms, with matching marble and carpet patterns along with uniform wall panelling. A distinct floor pattern distinguishes the master bathroom, complemented by a monochromatic floral mosaic accentuating the wall behind the classic white bathtub.

The master bedroom's lounge
The master bedroom
The master bathroom

When asked about the distinct feature of this house compared to others, Nelson explained, “I believe it’s the koi pond on the rooftop. It’s a favourite spot for the owner, where he frequently finds solace. It offers a serene experience, from observing the graceful movement of the fish to the tranquil effect of the controllable waterfall.”

Adjacent to the pond, a compact fitness area is situated next to the lounge and bar. Nelson curated the lounge with a subtle Art Deco flair and a subdued ambiance. “I incorporated natural elements from outside into the lounge. For instance, the organic patterns on the credenza and hints of blue and green in the furniture and décor,” Nelson said.

The lounge and bar, a combination of modern classic with Art Deco

This combination of styles echoes the façade’s design philosophy. Classical elements like the Ionic pillars and window hoods are present but with fewer intricate details overall. The proportions are upheld to maintain a sense of grandeur, while the use of textured paints predominates over marble on the façade, contributing to its simple yet sophisticated appearance.

The main entrance is beautified by Eztu Glass and the custom-made door handle
The facade

Project Data

Location: Jakarta

Land Area: 550 sqm

Floor Area: 1500 sqm

Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape Consultant: Nelson Design Architect

Principal Designer: Nelson Liaw

Lighting Consultant: Illumine

M&E Consultant & Main Contractor: Asia Cipta Kreasi

Interior Contractor: Boiserie

Glass Supplier: Eztu Glass

Started Construction: 2018

Completed Construction: 2023

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