Pot&Pop Exhibition to Bring Pottery to a Wider Audience

By vira

Pot&Pop is a multidisciplinary exhibition, featuring ceramic art (pottery), graphic design, painting, plant nursery and furniture design. Taking place in Dia.Lo.Gue gallery in Kemang, South Jakarta, the event is running from 15-26 may 2024.

Opening event

The casual opening ceremony started with welcome remarks from curator Andesh Tomo and head of event slash artist Studio X. Followed with a tour through the exhibition with explanations from the artists and collaborators.

Anoma x Godmatter (ceramic sculpture and art print)
Dibawapulang x Yahya Rifandaru (Ceramic sculpture and painting)
Arsstudio x Kemas Acil (Ceramic Sculpture and art print)
Studio X x Ryan Geraldin (Art Toys and painting)

Two of the collaborators are the plant nursery Ind Habitat and Artibumi. Their exotic plants and unique pots are exhibited as well, including a few plants that are 50-100 years old. An air-conditioned and glass-walled room is dedicated for a bigger version of ‘grow light’ box by Artibumi/Tujuanbumi where desert plants are arranged beautifully. In the Simulation room, all forms of exhibited items are placed together, from artworks to plants, simulating a living room, facilitated by Sacred Monkey furniture.

Habitat Room by Pot & Pop, featuring plants from Indhabitat and Arti Bumi
Exotic plants, many of them are from Africa

The initial schedule of the exhibition was only until 19 May 2024, but it is then extended for another week due to the increase number of visitors. With the various creators and collaborators involved, the aim of the event is to bring pottery, plants and other fields to be introduced to and hopefully to embrace a wider audience.

The Simulation Rooom, featurings works of Sacred Monkey, Octada, and the main artists.

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