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Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

The definition of luxury differs from one person to another. Some love grandeur and intricate details, while others love simplicity and clean lines. One’s personal taste can immediately be seen once you enter their house. This particular mansion in Bandung is modern and more simple, however its spectacular view of the mountains takes the meaning of luxury to the next level.

The architecture firm A2Kreasitama (A2K) was fortunate enough to get the freedom from the homeowner, Sulaiman, to design the house however he wanted. “Our client wanted a well-decorated residence that can accommodate all of their needs, while the children wanted a minimalist-style space,” said the designer.

Fulfilling these contrasting demands was certainly a challenge for the A2K team, having to apply a basic plan and shape whilst accommodating all of their needs. The client didn’t specify wanting a luxurious house. He just wanted a place that perfectly suited him and his family.

The layout of the house was carefully constructed by the A2K team with a “flexible” structure and pattern in mind. The result was a clean design that still avoids a minimalist concept in order to be more functional.

The A2K team smartly divided the rooms into multiple levels in order to create a softer room sequence, with dedicated areas for each resident. The main entrance is located on the first floor. Upon entering, there is a rectangular foyer that stretches vertically to all floors, including the ground level below. This reflects a sense of efficiency, consistency and simplicity in its design. One bedroom is located on this floor, made for the family member who wants more privacy.

Up the staircase or lift is the second floor, where a spacious living room awaits. A built-in pantry sits in one corner of the room. The dining room blends with the living room where all the family members interact. The main bedroom, with its east mountain view, is located behind the living room.

Between the first and second floor is a split level where two bedrooms are located. Both rooms stretch symmetrically from west to east, each with its own private bathroom. Before reaching the third floor is another split level, where a prayer room resides. A side terrace connects this split level with the “green” rooftop on the third floor covered by synthetic grass. The rooftop shows off a spectacular 360° view, designed as a multifunctional open-air space to unwind and enjoy the scenery. This includes the view of the golf course around the Dago Pakar Resort where the property resides.

The residents can easily travel from one floor to the other with the lift. Going all the way down from the rooftop is the ground floor, where there is another multifunctional entertainment lounge. The lounge is enhanced by a terrace stretching behind the glass doors along one side of the room facing east, which has access to a beautiful rear garden. Across this lounge is an ensuite guest bedroom.

On the hidden lower ground floor lies a large service area, which houses two home staff rooms, a bathroom and a spacious kitchen. A big storage space is also in this floor. This service area is connected with the garage and the backyard.

To withstand the cold mountain air, the A2K team built a fireplace next to the backyard. The fireplace is surrounded by beautiful wooden benches, and stretches up to the next level above it, where a barbecue area has been created, adding a further sense of luxury.

The meaning of design flexibility and functionalism has been clearly implified and successfully integrated into the house. The existing wall is mostly used as compartments to strenghten the clean and functional concept.

The warm elements in the house dampen the modern aspects, which ususally tend to create a cool and masculine impression. The A2K team designed this area to accommodate the wishes of the owners, who like to interact with all their family members. However, the layout was still created in such a way that allows the whole family to have their own corner if they ever want privacy.

The use of a grayish-brown colour scheme that dominates the entire interior and exterior of the house makes it stand out among its natural surroundings. However, the use of granite, wooden decks and artificial wood materials still allows it to blend in. Some of the walls are decorated with homogeneous tile and are decorated with accents of wall accessories such as a custom-made Wood Plastic Composite. The main door is made of oak wood decorated with “sidomukti batik” metal laser cutting as an accent.

The building from the outside looks like a geometric structure, consisting of straight lines that form cubes. The front yard contains a stone garden with white gravel stones reminiscent of a Japanese garden. Stones with a natural cut are left “scattered” to help balance the geometric building shape. Nothing could be more luxurious than having a unique, adventurous place that keeps calling you home.

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Rosiany T. Chandra
Graduated as an architect from the Technische Universitaet Berlin in 1987, the Bandung based contributor is passionate about art, history and culture; and loves writing about the subjects. She had previously worked as the Corporate Marketing Communication for a hotel and restaurant group in Jakarta, before moving back to Bandung in 2016. As she is a people person, she enjoys meeting people. In her spare time, she practices ballroom dancing as both hobby and sport.
Bagus Tri Laksono

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