Lixil Holds Architectural Design Competition to Promote Sustainable Architecture in Indonesia


Supported by PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) and in collaboration with the Indonesian Architectural Association (IAI) the competition gathers professional architects and architectural students throughout Indonesia to address the needs of sustainable public facilities in Indonesia

Lixil, as a pioneer in innovative sanitation and home products from Japan, held the Lixil Architectural Design Competition 2021 with the theme “Infill and Adaptive Reuse: Practicing Sustainable Movement in Historic Public and/or Transit Hub in the Cities”. In accordance with Lixil's philosophy to improve the comfort and living standards of the community through one of the foundations of Lixil's values of responsible approach. This competition tries to explore the rebuilding of historic public buildings with sustainable architecture in a city without losing the philosophical value and cultural heritage of the building.

Through this fifth architectural competition held by the Japanese company, Lixil invites all professional architects and architecture students to participate in creating sustainable designs that can answer the needs of building public facilities that have cultural or historical values and is a form of Lixil's support for the developing world of sustainable architecture in Indonesia.

Santa Firmansjah, President Director LIXIL Water Technology Indonesia said, “We want to provide an opportunity for architects and architectural students in Indonesia with different cultural and geographical backgrounds to showcase their sustainable movement in historic public/transit hub designs. Every public building may have cultural heritage value or important events in it, so preserving heritage through sustainable development is an important goal to achieve optimal balance.”

Through a long process since last September 2021, the 221 participants who registered were asked to create a sustainable architectural design for Tawang Station in Semarang and Gubeng Station in Surabaya. Five finalists were selected from the professional and student categories. The finalists presented their designs in front of three judges, namely Achmad Noerzaman, President Director of PT Arkonim, Andra Matin, Founder of Andramatin Architects, and R.A Kharisma Maulida, Leader of B2B Activation Indonesia Lixil Water Technology Asia Pacific. Based on the assessment, the three judges selected three winners from each category:

Professional Category:

Terawang Tawang

First Place: Terawang Tawang by Gemawang Swaribathoro, Donald Aditya Epiphanius, and Raden Wardhana Wijosena Putra

Multilevel Tawang

Second Place: Multilevel Tawang Connection by Ahmad Setiadi, Endy Ersal, and Athalla Arissaputra

Tawang Baru

Third Place: Tawang Baru by Hermawan Dasmanto, Yohanes Richo Wirawan, and Olivia Imanuela

Student Category:

Hero Station

First Place: Hero Station by Muhammad Rai Wananda, Wicakssena Dwi Sutrisno, and Putra Khairus Sidqi

Under One Roof

Second Place: Under One Roof by Singgih Salim and David Mulyawan Troy

Surabaya Connection Hub

Third Place: S.C.H (Surabaya Connection Hub) by Akbar Kresna Razaq and Shafira Aulia Paramita

The designs from the finalists was exhibited at the Lixil Architecture Design Competition Awards & Exhibition which was attended by designers and architects throughout Indonesia on January 19, 2021. This event also included seminars and workshops from the three aforementioned judges. Hopefully, these designs and works can be an inspiration and add insight to the architectural industry in Indonesia.

“We hope that in the future our collaboration with the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) and PT KAI can inspire people in the architecture industry. Even though it is only a design competition, we are proud to find talents who have sustainable vision for their designs and can be implemented in real projects. So perhaps it can be applied in the revitalisation of Tawang Station in Semarang and Gubeng Station in Surabaya. In accordance with one of Lixil's values, responsible approach,” closed Santa Firmansjah.

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