Questioning about Identity at ARCH:ID

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ARCH:ID (Indonesia Architecture Exhibition & Conference) is back with a new theme this year: “Identity?” It will be held from 16-19 March 2023 in the same venue like last year, ICE BSD, Tangerang. Keep reading to find out what it’s about, and what’s different and what stays the same this year.

L to R: Wendy Djuhara (curator), Firman Herwanto (program director) & Maria Rosantina (curator)

ARCH:ID is an initiative by IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects), which first event happened in 2020, followed by the next one in 2022. It is a sustainable forum between architects and the construction industry in Indonesia, in collaboration with PT CIS.

ARCH:ID 2023 will consist of:

• Exhibition Booth Design by Brand x Architect

• Featured Exhibition & Installation

• ARCH:ID Sustainable Construction Material Awards

• Talk Series

• Obrolan Tuju Tuju

• BIM Seminar & Masterclass

• ARCH:ID Night & Best Booth Awards

• Booth Parties

• IAI Leaders Meeting

• Socialisation of IAI Programs

• 4 Nations Meeting

• Collaboration with relevant associations and the government

About the theme "Identity"

The theme “Identity?” is chosen by curators Wendy Djuhara (djuhara+djuhara), Maria Rosantina (d-associates) and Andy Rahman (Andy Rahman Architect). It refers to the condition of the last two years, where staying home and not being allowed to move around much made many of us think and seek what was essential in our lives. “In the world of architecture, we can see more similarities between projects. ‘Copy-paste’ happens and it makes us difficult to define the culture origin. The identity of architecture should represent specific thoughts of the people based on time and place,” Wendy Djuhara as one of the curators explained.

International Conference on Architecture

There will also be an International Conference on Architecture with sub-themes: Maritime+Technology and Social+Cultural. Professionals that will be the speakers:

· Wolfgang Kessling (Transsolar/Germany)

· Koen Olthuis (Waterstudio.NL/Netherlands)

· Hanif Kara (AKT II/United Kingdom)

· Bernard Khoury (DW5/Lebanon)

· Yori Antar (Han Awal & Partners/Indonesia)

Register yourself for the conference at

For more information about ARCH:ID 2023 please head down to or dial +62 21 837 968 33 / +62 812 1911 0731 or email to

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