Questioning About Our Identity at ARCH:ID 2023

Questioning About Our Identity at ARCH:ID 2023

By vira

The third ARCH:ID event took place from 16-19 March 2023 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City. ARCH:ID 2023 is Indonesia’s most awaited architecture festival, organised by Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) and PT CIS Exhibition. It’s where architects and construction-related business people can meet and collaborate.

Opening ceremony of ARCH:ID 2023 on 17 March 2023

The event consisted of programs such as curated exhibition (collaboration between architects and brands), featured exhibition and installation, international conference, Talk Series, seven-minute presentations called Obrolan Tuju Tuju, a masterclass workshop, ARCH:ID Night & Best Booth Awards, IAI leader meetings, and 4 Nations Meeting (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand). It’s also where visitors can update their knowledge on new products and technology relevant to the industry, which is needed to compete and to be recognised internationally. This is strongly relevant to the event’s theme, “Identity?”, which is developed by the curators, Wendy Djuhara of Djuhara+Djuhara, Maria Rosantina of d-associates and Andy Rahman of Andy Rahman Architects.

The curators sandwiched between the CEO of PT CIS Exhibition (far left), program director of ARCH:ID 2023 and the president of IAI.

“In our effort to be a part of the world, sometimes we forget our own identity. ARCH:ID is an event where we can represent our culture and show its uniqueness, which can be our strength. It’s important to have and to be aware of our own identity because it doesn’t only show where we’re from but also where we’re going,” Wendy Djuhara explained at the opening ceremony. Firman Herwanto as the project director of ARCH:ID 2023 explained, “In relation to this year’s theme, the programs raise the geographic potentials and cultural roots of Indonesia, as well as its local design and technology approach from across the country.”

Talk Series at Alun-Alun, designed by Maria Rosantina

The winners of Best Booth Awards at ARCH:ID 2023:

· A Reading Oasis: Jayaboard x BYO Living both, designed by Andra Matin

· Bandrang ATEJA: Ateja booth, designed by Gregorius Supie Yolodi

· SUPERNOVA: Himalaya Abadi booth, designed by Dhanie & Salman

And special appreciations are given to the following public areas:

· Curators Statement by FFFAAARRR

· Paviliun Ahmad Djuhara by Gregorius Supie Yolodi

· Beranda: Back to the Roots by Yanto Effendi

· Le Corbusier Master Works by Seniman Ruang

Featured here are some of the other booths that we found interesting at the exhibition:

Root Scape designed by AGo Architects collab with Sampoerna Kayoe & Byo Living
Curators' Statement by FFFAAARRR
Trajectory, Technnogym booth designed by Ary Indra
Framework by K-Thengono x Byo Living
Ahmad Djuhara pavilion, designed by Gregorius Supie Yolodi
A safe space and rest area at a corner of the exhibition, by Ibu Arsitek community
Beranda: Back to the Roots by Yanto Effendi (Modern Space)
Bale Santai designed by Ferry Ridwan. The booth where Obrolan Tuju Tuju took place.
Rumah Tangguh by IAI Jawa Barat

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