Rajut Swara Indonesia, A Winner for IKN Legislative Office Complex Design

Rajut Swara Indonesia, A Winner for IKN Legislative Office Complex Design

By vira

This amazing design is a work of PT Arkonin, which was submitted for the Legislative Office Complex category in the IKN design competition. It shared the second place with another design by PT Airmas Asri, which we’ll feature in the next post. There is no first winner in this category.

The Buildings and Areas in The Complex

The Legislative Office Complex for Indonesia’s new capital will comprise the MPR (People's Consultative Assembly) building, DPR (House of People’s Representatives) building, DPD (Regional Representative Council) building, a house of worship, the Plenary Hall, the Leadership building, Plaza of Democracy and various common facilities from bus stops to eco forest.

Rajut Swara Indonesia

The Design Philosophy of the Legislative Office Complex

The design philosophy of Rajut Swara Indonesia is the Sovereign of People’s Democracy. It represents the importance of people’s rights to voice their aspirations. ‘Rajut’, meaning ‘knit or weave’ represents the people’s voices that interweave or unite to then be heard by the representatives, who are sworn by God to make the laws based on the need of the people and the truth.

The Plenary Hall design symbolises the transparency between the government and the people, which is how democracy should run. The circular shape represents the solidness of the country and the people’s aspirations that come from all of the country.

The Plenary Hall

Public Facilities

The complex will facilitate pedestrians as well as private cars and public transportations. It will have a retention pool in the eco forest, a reflecting pool in front of the Plenary Hall and various plants in between buildings.

Eco Forest

Any thoughts about the design? Let us know in the comment section below! Meanwhile, here are more of the designs:

DPR (House of Representatives) building
DPD (Regional Representative Council) building
The lobby of Plenary Hall

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