Reaching Ritzy New Heights


Claiming the title of the world’s highest hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong surpasses others not just structurally, but in service and design too. At such a great height, the hotel undoubtedly has a killer view of Hong Kong, but the view inside is just as worthy of the attention.

At a staggering height of 490 metres, the ritzy hotel towers above neighbouring edifices. It occupies floors 102 to 118 of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) and welcomes guests to its entrance on the ninth floor. In an elevator ride that lasts less than 60 seconds, guests will arrive at the 103rd floor lobby where an air of elegance pervades the ambience.

All around the hotel, an east-meets-west style with contemporary influences creates a characterful yet cohesive style. From the traditional Chinese fittings to the Western sophistication, the interior language by Singapore-based design firm LTW Designworks has a sense of place that reflects Hong Kong’s dynamic roots. It tells a tale of modernity and tradition wrapped in luxury.

Perhaps it’s the penthouse suite on the 117th floor that tells this tale best. For starters, penthouse guests enjoy a Rolls-Royce chauffeur escort from the airport before they arrive at their sprawling 366-sqm suite. The service extends to a personal butler and daily massages for two in the suite. At the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, opulence is also found in small personalised details, in this case monogrammed towels, bathrobes and pillowcases.

The suite itself pulsates with luxury. A glamorous chandelier stretches above the dark mahogany dining table that generously sits nine. The room extends to a lavish carpeted living room with minimalistic furnishings and gleaming brass accents. With a jaw-dropping 270-degree vista of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island’s skyline that twinkles at night, every part of the room is a sartorial inspiration.

A few steps away from the common areas lies the equally expansive and impressive bedroom. Dusty Elegant blue wall panels run from behind the King-sized bed and its tufted headboard all the way to the ceiling, exaggerating the size of the room. The marble-clad bathroom is fitted with an inviting whirlpool bathtub that overlooks the same panoramic view. Before you doze off on the 400-thread count bed linens, we suggest requesting your butler to draw a bath in your in-room sauna first.

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Natasha Gan
Natasha is a writer and a digital marketing professional currently based in Toronto, Canada.