Relaxing in the Outdoors of Indonesia Design District with AlvinT

By vira

The rising product designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo is the man behind AlvinT, a furniture brand whose showroom graces Indonesia Design District’s visitors at the Thamrin lobby. In an interview with Indonesia Design, he elaborated on the brand’s contribution to IDD, particularly in the outdoor area.

STORY BY Vira Tanka | PHOTOS BY Christopher Octaviano

What roles do you play in IDD apart from launching AlvinT showroom?
I discussed with IDD on how AlvinT Gallery, a physical space that combines education and culture through design, can complement the complex by providing a different perspective and experience. Another idea that came out from our discussion was to create public seating for the outdoor areas.

Could you tell us about AlvinT products featured in the outdoor are of IDD?
We’ve curated a collection of outdoor seating options, strategically placed across IDD for visitors to relax. This seating line, called “Padi”, is crafted from Plana, a new material that combines recycled plastic waste with rice husk. It encompasses various bench designs alongside a side table, stationed in both the plaza and lobby areas.

Meanwhile, the “Grit” benches, fashioned from concrete contour, grace the area in front of The Material Lab by GIOI. Cast in robust concrete and tinted in red, they exude the allure of pale red granite. In addition, we placed a few complementary pieces such as the “Rose Rocking” chair to add a playful vibe in the open space.

What were your considerations in joining IDD as a tenant and product designer?
IDD presents a compelling platform, not only for showcasing innovative products, designs and lifestyles but also for educating the market about new ideas. Here, I translate ‘new ideas’ as new perspectives, unconventional approaches, and alternative mindsets that enhance consumers’ understanding of the items they incorporate into their living spaces—be it homes, offices, or hotels. Purchasing furniture should no longer be seen as a simple transaction; it should evolve into an experiential journey to enrich lives. What I see in this establishment is the opportunity we can seize and the challenge we can embrace in order to foster meaningful connections.

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