Rituals of Water with A Modern Twist by INAX

By vira

Japanese design is often grounded in simplicity, features clean lines, a neutral palette and minimal styling. Known for its sophisticated technology, Japanese design still respects the beauty of nature. INAX, a Japanese sanitary brand under LIXIL, is nurtured by Japan’s unique tradition, culture and spirit of craftsmanship. They recently released S600 LINE, a new series that embraces the country’s traditional rituals of water. Indonesia Design spoke with Yoichiro Tomioka, design creative director of LIXIL Water Technology Japan.

What is the basic design concept of INAX S600 LINE?
An environment created by merging the traditional Japanese concept of space with modern sensibilities. It’s a spatial beauty that generates the vitality to be positive.

What inspired you to come up with the concept?
Traditional Japanese rock garden landscape. Products positioned as though placing rocks in a Zen garden. The products are ceramic pieces that are like works of art. The designs are attractive both as stand-alone products and as a part of the overall space. The design expresses the uniquely Japanese dignified tranquility and the out-of-the-ordinary splendor. It even makes the user’s movement beautiful.

How did you translate the Japanese traditional rituals of water to S600 LINE products?
S600 LINE a new bathroom that incorporates the Japanese way of living, the “rituals of water”. In Japan, there is a custom of using water to refresh one’s feeling, such as purifying the hands when visiting a shrine or soaking in the bath. The series is a luxurious space where one can enjoy a comfortable bath, designed by a Japanese water technology manufacturer and the provider of Smart Aqua technology. It lets you to enjoy an exquisite shower experience, achieved through mastering the control of water. The Intelligent Controller allows an intuitive use; you can spend a moment to reflect, and re-energise, like at a holiday resort. The S600 LINE is a bathroom collection that enables this experience in your own home.

Why did you choose the ‘squoval’ (square+oval) shape for some of the products in this series?
S600 LINE is the brand-oriented collection. We use squoval, a form that fits aesthetically in the architecture, ergonomic for the people, and the most articulated INAX brand. The shapes create an impact even as stand-alone products, blending into the overall bathroom space, generating a sense of comfort, relaxation, and elegance.

What was the biggest challenge in designing this series, and how did you solve it?
Pursuing true satisfaction through insightful design was one of the biggest challenges. We tested usability multiple times and translated INAX leading technology (INAX’s Shower Toilet Technology, Ceramic Technology, Smart Aqua Intelligent Control Shower System) to the collection, while maintaining our signature elements in the product design.

What was the trend in bathroom design this year? And did you consider it when designing the S600 LINE?
Health, wellbeing and urbanisation are the trends we focus on in our macro trends. In Japan, skillfully utilising limited space and creating a beautiful world within through a clever use of beautiful and functional shapes has become a coveted art. The S600 LINE by INAX presents the ultimate combination of the traditional Japanese bathing experience with modern sensibilities and innovation.

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