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Most Indonesian people still opt for a landed house for living quarters, including those in Surabaya. Given that the price of land to build comfortable housing has soared in recent years, the noted developer Intiland has come up with a brilliant solution: The Rosebay, a low-rise residence with a resort-like character and amazing design. Sitting snugly amid its natural surroundings, the compound offers the essentials for happiness to tenants. The urban dream of a luxurious house in the best location without having to empty the wallet or changing lifestyles can be realised here.

Photo by Bagus Tri Laksono and Intiland Doc.

The western part of Surabaya continues to make a name for itself as the most sought after residential location for the people of the city and its surrounding area. Excellent layout has helped the area to grow as a residential area. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Graha Famili housing compound, one of the many residential areas in West Surabaya, is becoming a popular choice for people looking for a place to stay.

Intiland has recently launched The Rosebay, a housing compound with low-rise buildings and a low density to ensure the comfort level and privacy of its occupants, as well as to increase the luxury feel of Graha Famili. “Low density is an interpretation of luxury that is absolute and permanent,” says Sinarto Dharmawan, the Chief Operating Officer of Intiland regarding the development of The Rosebay as a low-rise residential area.

With seven low-rise buildings that come complete with a pool area and a green space in the middle of the site, the project is built on a site of one hectare. Each mass of the seven buildings has merely four to eight levels. The compound’s architecture was done by WOW Design Studio, one of the largest architectural consultants in Singapore, with a long list of luxurious buildings throughout the world in their portfolio.

With many years of experience under its belt, and a reputation as one of the largest developers in Indonesia, Intiland is trying to facilitate balance as something essential in creating life happiness, and considers interaction between people and the environment as important as other social interactions. Therefore, The Rosebay does not only aim to bring its tenants back to nature, but also encourages them to interact socially with their neighbours. The strategic placement of common spaces, such as the swimming pool and garden, which emulates the design of a backyard, is an apt implementation of this novel idea.

The Rosebay also provides an inspiration for its tenants by offering comfortable personal space with comprehensive facilities. A breathtaking view becomes one of the plus points in the hopes of creating personal space. With an emerald green golf course at the back of the site and a beautifully manicured landscape, the compound’s future tenants can enjoy the vista anytime of the day. For a metropolitan city like Surabaya, the serene view of a lush golf course is indeed a luxury that is hard to find.

This low-rise residence offers eight types of units: two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms, two-bedroom deluxes, three-bedroom deluxes, three-bedroom corners, two-bedroom suites, two-bedroom superiors and three-bedroom suites. The sense of space of a landed house does not immediately disappear because even the smallest unit measures a spacious 73 sqm. “The different feeling that we get from living in a landed house and in a vertical apartment can be eliminated with the concept of luxury home in The Rosebay,” Sinarto says.

From the point of view of design, the housing compound has clearly been crafted for professionals and young families who appreciate luxury and the comfortable aspects of life. These modern aspects, combined with the spirit of a green concept, are something that young families cherish these days. The Rosebay is created as a dwelling that can be in synergy with nature. This is in addition to the amazing design created by WOW Design Studio where units do not face one another. Each unit also has a view towards the golf course or at least towards the green areas in Graha Famili vicinity.

The lifestyle of the occupants is supported by the inclusion of a comprehensive set of facilities in this resort-style home, such as a swimming pool, gym, jogging track and playground. Finding a parking spot is also a breeze. with one space allocated for each unit. Other technical supports include the comfortable lifts, high-speed wi-fi connection and 100 percent guaranteed electricity backup. The security system is up 24 hours a day with CCTVs throughout the compound, a fire protection system that is meticulously designed, a voice communication system and personal access cards that guarantee privacy for the occupants.

With a strategic and profitable location inside the prestigious Graha Famili vicinity, The Rosebay can be considered the most luxurious low-rise with a resort-like ambience in Surabaya. Ready to be launched in the end of 2018, the luxury of this compound is thoroughly felt from its strategic location, remarkable view, modern eco-concept, brilliant design and all-inclusive facilities.

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