Rudy Dodo: Designing the Labour of Love

By vira

Trivium Design Group is a multi-disciplinary design firm specialising in interior design and architecture. Founded by Rudy Dodo in 1999, the award-winning firm is notable for creating a unique identity that transcends the functional aspect of the space, harmonious with the surrounding and people. Dodo, as he likes to be called, shares their process in designing Kris Adidarma and Linda Tan’s house.

Dining room with ceiling, table and chairs designed by Trivium Design Group

What was the brief from the clients?

Initially, the clients had a few references in mind. After compromising, we agreed on a modern tropical interior with an Indonesian and oriental touch to it.

How did you interpret the brief into design?
For me as an interior designer, the design of a bespoke family dwelling is a demanding yet fascinating commission. A designer relies on having a close understanding of the end user. With that information, we reflect on them and try to make it our own. This consonance is of critical importance because a house is ultimately ‘a social portrait of its owner’.

What was the most challenging
part of designing and building the customised furniture?
It is very difficult to design a house; to dissect your client, to determine what will be behind the facade, everything needs to reflect the client’s identity. It’s quite an intimate practice, and to do that with 3 teams (architects, clients and ourselves) involved was one of the most challenging parts of this project.

The kitchen ceiling is pretty unique. What’s the story behind the design, and does it have other function than being decorative?
The kitchen in this project is what we believe to be the heart of the house. We did our best to bring a poetic essence to the area. The joy of this ceiling lies in its vertical and horizontal movement through space, which brings surprises when combined with the random shape of the furniture. It doesn’t have a functional purpose per se other than to tie the room together.

Rudy Dodo

How long did the whole process take, from designing to completion?
We have spent about two years working on designing of this labour of love.

Is there any part of the design that you are particularly most satisfied with?
We particularly take most pride in the dining and kitchen area. It really is quite a dream corner with its quirks in shapes and lines that bring unexpected niches and is a perfect place for quiet contemplation gushing over the swimming pool in the backyard.

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