Santambrogio | Milano

Santambrogio | Milano


Harnessing the infinite potential of glass to craft exclusive furniture and ground-breaking 100 percent recyclable glass houses.

Carlo Santambrogio, the founder of Santambrogio | Milano, has long been enthralled by the versatility of glass. It serves as the cornerstone of his furniture collection and his ambitious endeavour to construct a fully recyclable glass house. The essence of Italian design at Santambrogio | Milano is rooted in technical innovation, environmental consciousness, and style exploration. Through extensive research and testing, glass is transformed into various hues and textures, ensuring the highest quality. Moreover, Santambrogio | Milano pioneers eco-friendly practices, utilising advanced painting technologies and sustainable packaging. This commitment to innovation and sustainability solidifies its identity as a leading ‘Made in Italy’ brand with global appeal.


Via Francesco Sforza 14 Milano, Italy

T. +39 0276020788

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