Seeing Through the Versatility and Innovations of Roxyglass

By vira

From Brazil’s Botanic Garden to France’s Louvre Museum, there are great examples of iconic glass architecture across the globe. Glass is a versatile material, giving architects a wide range of design possibilities, which constantly develop alongside technological advancements. Roxyglass, a leading glass fabricator in Indonesia, is continually improving its products in response to the changing demands of the industry.


Glass offers many advantages as a building material. Visually it provides a sleek, clean and modern aesthetic. Design-wise, it makes a room appear larger and more open. When used for walls, it increases the floor area, giving more space for tenants. Its transparency enables more natural lighting to improve the mood of occupants and work efficiency. It is also more cost-effective because it reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day.

With the many possibilities for glass it’s important for architects and designers to be aware of new developments coming onto the market. Established in 1990 Roxyglass has longstanding experience in the glass industry and offers a wide range of products for building, interiors and decor. Constantly innovating, in 2022 they launched three series: Lami-Art, Slim Door and Shower Color Collection.

Lami-Art is a layer of mesh laminated by two pieces of glass. It allows light in while providing privacy. It is aesthetically pleasing and is easy to clean. You’re free from dusting duty because the glass can be wiped down. The mesh itself can be customised with different fabrics, while the glass can be replaced with a mirror. That both elements – glass and mesh – are customisable, means it is flexible to complement virtually any building design. “This product is trending because it requires low maintenance while having a glamour look, thanks to the copper and gold contents that make it look metallic,” as Stacy Lim of Roxyglass explained.

A lighter, spacious effect is enabled with Slim Door which features thin glass: 1.2 cm width is the standard aluminium frame. Available as a single panel door or a double-sided door, this model consists of two types of glass, or a solid blockboard HPL, with different colours front and back. For glass, there are various options such as Neuro Glass, Moru Painted, Reflective Glass or Marble Glass. A slim sliding door can be applied as a pocket door without needing a bottom rail. The swing Slim Door is installed with hidden pivot hinges on the top and bottom, for a minimalist look. It may be slim but it is sturdy and has a strong structure.

Shower Color Collection offers freedom for bathroom design in terms of functionality and appearance. Featuring hinges which enable the glass door to swing further than a 90-degree angle. The hinges – which come in chrome, rose gold, gold and black matte – are synonymous with timeless elegance. Another benefit is that they are anti rust.

The long history of glass as an artistic and functional building material provides continual inspiration to the creative design team at Roxyglass. Their experienced craftspeople develop glass products and accessories that enhance the material’s elegance and versatility. With the knowledge of the latest technology, the company is able to mass produce high quality glass in compliance with international product certifications to satisfy diverse building designs for both local and international markets.

Slim Door

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