Serenity, Depiction of Nature by Mangu Putra

Serenity, Depiction of Nature by Mangu Putra

By vira

A graphic designer turned painter, Mangu Putra, is having a solo show at Can’s Gallery, Jakarta, called “Serenity”. It displays nine of his almost hyperrealistic landscape paintings, depicting nature as it is.

"Serenity #4"

Mangu’s started to become a painter in 1998. He hasn’t been known to stick to just one style of painting. He has a wide range of style, from abstract to realistic. For now, he likes to depict the objects as how he saw and remembered them and in a very detailed manner. There is no hidden message, the Bali-based artist just wants to show nature as it is, may it be the leafy side or the harsh and rocky elements.

"Pohon Ara #1"

The show is running from 15 April-15 May 2023. The opening ceremony was attended by many art collectors, artists, and friends who always support his and Can’s Gallery’s journey.

Mangu Putra (2nd from left) with gallery's owners and art collectors

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