Sharing Common Future in Bintaro Design District 2020

By vira

Bintaro Design District is back! After being postponed for two years due to pandemic, the event is kicking off on 14 September 2022. And yes, you read it right, it’s called Bintaro Design District 2020 to symbolise that they are picking up where it left off.

Carrying the theme “Common Future”, the event invites us to see ideas, hopes and predictions of what the future may hold through works and visualised thoughts by participating architects, designers and other creative workers in Indonesia.

The event will run from 14-24 September 2022 in several locations, mostly in Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan, and some locations in Jakarta. Programs will include: Open Architecture, Open Studio, Installation, Exhibition (including a chair exhibition), Talkshow, Workshop, Masterclass and Curator Tours.

The curator team is still the same as the previous BDD events, who are also the founders: Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono and Hermawan Tanzil.

The list of the participants.

You can check the event updates on BDD’s Instagram or download their app for iOS or Android, where you can also purchase a ticket to see the whole schedule and to visit the venues. Once you’ve got the ticket, you can come to Kopi Manyar, Artbox, Graha Paramita, South 78 or Hutan Taman Sampireun to get a booklet where you can collect stamps of the venues you’ve visited.

We will share with you how the event goes and some interesting finds on our social media and website.

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