Six Indonesians Products Won Good Design Award in Japan


A total of six Indonesian products won the Good Design Award (GDA) or G-Mark in Japan. G-Mark is the largest Asian award founded in 1957 by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), and reflects Japanese design values and principles that aim to enrich lives, industries and society. Through the collaboration between the Indonesian Directorate General of National Export Development, the Ministry of Trade and JDP, participants will have to go through Good Design Indonesia (GDI) as an initial screening for participants to take part in the GDA.

Late last year 20 GDI products participated in the second Screening of GDA in August at the Aichi Sky Expo Japan. As a result, six successful products won awards, namely Kubiko, Poreblock, Mukura BYOND, Rekajalin, Jukung, and Cakra Selaras Wahana.

With this achievement, the Director General of the Development of National Export (PEN) of the Ministry of Trade, Didi Sumedi said that this is proof that Indonesian products are able to compete in the international market.


An innovative luggage designed by an Indonesian travel accessories company President Luggage, Kubiko is designed with flexibility in mind to act as more than just luggage during one’s travels. This multifunction piece doubles as a bedside table, sturdy chair that can hold up to 120kg and can be stacked up as a workbench with a brake caster and mobility should a traveler have more than one luggage. The luggage includes TSA latch, spacious cube system packing and light to carry.


It is a porous concrete in the form of paving blocks that is able to absorb water faster than conventional paving blocks. Created by Teknology Kanggo Nusantara Bagja, PoreBlock has an infiltration rate of 100 times faster than the existing paving blocks. It is made from coal waste and able to withstand a truck load of eight tonnes.

Mukura BYOND

A creation by PT Mujur Kurnia Ampuh, Mukura BYOND is a roaster that functions as a vent for ventilation and natural lighting in a building. It is made of ceramic granite and 75% lighter in weight than a brick and concrete roaster yet also sturdy.


Rekajalin is a woven creation from PT Berkat Kriya Tritunggal. The design was inspired by temple relief ornaments and woven patterns by the Dayak tribe using the Holographic Byoliving weaving technique and made from quality rattan from the forests of Kalimantan.


Jukung is a modern, simple and box-shaped container that offers easy storage and decoration. Eugonio Hendro and Du Anyam created Jukung as they were inspired by the shape of the boats of the women weavers from South Kalimantan. Jukung is made traditionally by hand and using flexible and natural purun materials.

Cakra Selaras Wahana

It is the first elevated building in Indonesia that integrates ASEAN’s integrated mass rapid transit (MRT) public transportation in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Cakra Selaras Wahana connects Transjakarta corridors and Angkutan Perbatasan Terintegrasi Busway (APTB). Standing on a small road, the building is an accessibility solution for the Transjakarta bus stop that could not operate due to its height, which is 23 metres from the road.

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