Wood Work: Solutions for a Better Life

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Concerned about the endless and irresponsible deforestation, Teo Pea Ngo started a business of composite wood. Using wood powder (obtained from tree plantations), recycled wood, and mixed with plastic, PT Latrade Batam Indonesia produces man-made wood for decking, flooring, ceiling, and many others. It lasts much longer and serves the design purpose as well as wood, aluminium, stone, or many other materials.

Twelve years ago, when PT Latrade Batam Indonesia started the composite wood production, it was a challenge to introduce the product to the market. Now that consumers have gotten familiar with the benefits of using composite wood, the demand increased significantly. Aesthetically, it resembles the beautiful pattern and natural colours of wood. Maintenance-wise, it is a lot easier because it is weather, rot and termite resistant and does not need painting.

The replacement of composite wood in general needs as long as 20 to 30 years longer than wood. As a result, using composite wood benefits consumers economically while it serves the aesthetic requirement just the same. Compared to other materials, such as stone and aluminium, composite wood also gives a lot of benefits. It does not get as hot as stone when placed outdoors, and it is more natural in look and in the making than aluminium.

PT Latrade Batam Indonesia now has released more than 800 profiles under the brand GRM Biowood. The ones in highest demands are products for decking, flooring, ceiling, louver and siding. Other than these, more categories with fine quality include column panel, handrail, façade screen and roof. Each category is available in various sizes and shades of brown, some in grey, giving consumers a wide array of choices that fit their architecture or interior design. The technology used for production keeps progressing, with water jet cutting method being the latest.

The products have been used in property projects internationally as well as nationally. PT Latrade Batam Indonesia penetrated Australia as the first international market. Today, Thailand is the top user of GRM Biowood products produced internationally, applying them in shopping malls and five-star hotels, the Marriott Hotel Huahin and Banyan Tree Bangkok, to name a few. Meanwhile, Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali, is one of their top clients within Indonesia.

With the benefits for the users and the environment in mind, PT Latrade Batam Indonesia keeps inventing new products. Right now it is perfecting a new product to be launched this year, which incorporates an even more sophisticated technology and facilitates a greener life for the people.

For more information about the products, please contact the representative at:

PT Composite Solutions

Ruko Grand Orchard Square
B-07 Kelapa Gading
Jl. Raya Kelapa Hybrida Blok GOS B-07
Jakarta Utara 14140 – Indonesia
E. info@grm-compositesolutions.com
T. +62 21 2937 5888, +62 21 2906 9353, +62 21 2937 5858
M. +62 851 0042 0092

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