TCOI Chapter V, The Colours of Indonesia Exhibition by ID12

By vira

Twelve renowned Indonesian interior designers who name themselves ID12 are back with their biennial exhibition, The Colours of Indonesia. It is called TCOI Chapter V. They decided to go with the theme of Residential in response to the 2 years of pandemic that has elevated the importance of home to most people in the world.

The exhibition comprises two houses with two different styles, Neo Classic and Modern. Each room of the houses is a showcase of one designer. The Modern house is designed by Yuni Jie, Eko Priharseno, Ary Juwono, Joke Roos, Reza Wahyudi and Prasetio Budhi, while the Neo Classic house is designed by Shirley Gouw, Anita Boentarman, Sammy Hendramianto, Agam Riadi, Vivianne Faye and Roland Adam.

ID12, L to R: Reza Wahyudi, Joke Roos, Vivianne Faye, Anita Boentarman, Agam Riadi, Eko Priharseno, Ary Juwono, Yuni Jie, Shirley Gouw, Roland Adam, Prasetio Budhi, Sammy Hendramianto.

They presented an idea of how to maximise the level of comfort of a house by giving double functions to the rooms. For example, how a pantry becomes the centre of the family’s activities where the kids can do their homework and parents can work from home, a hallway that turns into a study, and a terrace that becomes an extension of the living room. The furniture and artworks are sourced both from Indonesia and other countries, and some are freshly created by the designers.

The exhibition is part of Senayan City’s anniversary programs. It is located in the atrium of the mall and will be there until 30 September 2022.

Visit their website and obtain a ticket to visit the exhibition.

The foyer, part of the Grand Entrance by Yuni Jie
Yuni Jie's design with JAPANDI style (Japanese + Scandinavian)
Dining room that took inspirations from travel experiences by Ary Juwono
Bedroom by Eko Priharseno where everything flows naturally
Living room by Joke Roos
Bedroom that's seamless with the bathroom by Prasetio Budhi
Pantry by Reza Wahyudi
Dining area by the pantry by Reza Wahyudi
French Classic foyer by Shirley Gouw
Dining room by Anita Boentarman, where feminine and masculine meet.
A foyer turns into a study, by Sammy Hendramianto
Pantry by Agam Riadi
A semi-outdoor extension of the pantry and dining area, by Agam Riadi
Living room by Vivianne Faye, inspired by a French chateau
Classic bedroom by Roland Adam
Bathroom with opera inspiration by Roland Adam

Photos except "Pantry by Reza Wahyudi" by Tim Muara Bagdja.

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