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Occupying a site of 12,000 sqm, the new building block of Talavera Office Park will complement the existing building configuration. It will make way for large open areas, such as the Plaza and green gardens, to promote a tranquil and comfortable working environment that adheres to Talavera’s healthy and green concept.

Strategically positioned at the north of the Talavera Tower is Talavera Suites. It’s secluded and exclusive when compared to its counterpart on Jalan TB. Simatupang. Water features and well-manicured landscapes line the paths leading to the drop off area which is equipped with a skylight from the Plaza on the mezzanine level.

On the same level, we find Talavera Suites’ main lobby, and a new plaza. The Plaza is in front of the main lobby, covering the drop off area and the vehicle entry into the parking area below. The design allows more space for landscaping and it provides Talavera Suites residents with an unobstructed view of the Plaza.

Visually, the commercial area is also designed to merge with the Central Plaza and the swimming pool podium in Talavera Tower, allowing all of the open areas inside the compound to complement and connect with one another.

Retail areas, banks, ATM machines, restaurants and cafés are linked throughout the open area. “We would like to promote a healthier office lifestyle that does not solely concentrate on indoors,” explains Citra Soedarsono, the principal architect of Airmas Asri who is responsible for the project. Several open sitting areas are designed around the plaza and swimming podium for recreational purposes as well as to accommodate occasional informal meetings held outside the office.

In order to channel the efficiency and flexibility of an office space, the office takes a simple rectangular shape. The service rooms, toilets and elevators are located in the west to maximize natural light, while offices are positioned on the north, east or south where rays of the sun are minimal, thus ensuring a more comfortable working area. This particular design reduces the need for artificial cooling devices and enables Talavera Suites building to be more economical and green.

Talavera Suites building is more advanced compared to the existing structure thanks to the use of greener materials such as Double-Glazing Curtain Wall and LED lighting. To ward off the heat of the sun, in addition to placing the core in the west, the double-glazing wall that envelops the building has a gap between its two glass panels to let enough sunlight into the building while cutting down on the heat. The gap also serves as a buffer to filter outside noises. The building has a layout design that makes sure all public spaces, including lobby lifts and toilets, have openings for illumination purposes as well as to bring outside views into the rooms. This design allows plenty of sunlight into the rooms during the day while at night low-energy and long-lasting LED lamps are used.

This writings is featured in 9th Anniversary Edition of Indonesia Design that was published in 2012.

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