The Blue Gem


Renowned interior designer Hans Susantio of Vindate Interior & Architecture has designed a luxurious home inside the Anandamaya Residences building, an elegant and beautiful apartment that is sure to catch your attention.

Upon entering, the first thing you’ll notice is the amount of natural sunlight that enters the space through its large windows. That was the main inspiration for the colour palette used in the place. Hans Susantio was commissioned by a client who wanted him to design an apartment ready to be rented.

“The brief given to me was simple. When you’re designing for a commercial property, you can’t be too quirky or eclectic. I wanted to create a design that was beautiful but still is easily accepted by many people to increase the chances of the apartment being rented out,” Hans explained. The result was a neutral space with hints of jewel tones throughout. He calls the apartment the “Blue Gem”, named after the touches of blue that can be found on the furniture, the art, and also on the decorative items all over, subtly incorporated and not overpowering like you would a piece of jewellery, hence the word “gem”.

The design theme is definitely Modern Art Deco, considering the use of different patterns and materials such as brass and wicker on the furniture. These elements were incorporated in a contemporary way, and using furniture sourced from local brands. The coffee table, console, and some mirrors were custom-made by Hans himself through his furniture brand, Poros Living. “I’m happy that I was able to create a beautiful design using these products and was still able to play around with texture,” he said.

If you look around the home, you will not see a unique focal point or a piece-de-resistance found in some luxurious apartments. The entire concept was to have every aspect blend harmoniously in design, simple yet elegant. The bedrooms also have a similar aesthetic, accentuated by blue and brass pieces whilst remaining neutral everywhere else. Most of the colours used were grey and brown on the walls.

When asked which part of the apartment is his favourite, Hans replied, “it would definitely be the dining area. I love the round table with the brass pendant lamp. And you have these beautiful Alita chairs from Poros Living where you can sit and view the TV, look out the floor-to-ceiling windows, or even see what’s going on in the kitchen. It’s definitely the central point of the home, that’s why I chose a round table. So that wherever you sit, you will have some type of view.”

Designed to captivate people with different tastes, Hans definitely hit the mark in creating this neutral haven. This apartment is a testament to the concept of subtle luxury. One does not need flashy decor or bold colours to look and feel expensive. The right use of colour combinations, playing around with textures and keeping a consistent aesthetic in every room is definitely enough to produce a homey yet classy abode.

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