Sophisticate Your Palate at The Dining Room by Raffles Jakarta

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The vibrant capital city of Jakarta offers an exciting array of culinary venues and events all around. From the delicious street food cooked and served on gerobaks or carts, to a decadent five-course meal at a high-end restaurant, this city can surely satisfy any food lover out there. Raffles Jakarta has embraced this local culture and love for food by opening The Dining Room, a one-of-a-kind venue featuring an innovative concept where guests can experience the latest culinary trends from all over the world.

All types of international food can be enjoyed and experienced right here in Jakarta. Famous fast food chains, restaurants with different specialties, and hotels serving luxurious dinners and buffets offer an endless culinary adventure perfect for foodies. However, what’s missing is an exciting venue where different Michelin-starred, world-renowned chefs from around the globe can take turns showing off their skills in an opulent, intimate setting. This is exactly what The Dining Room at Raffles Jakarta was made for; a versatile and dynamic place which can accommodate guests’ own food preferences and truly offers endless possibilities.

Tailored for several small groups at a time, this venue is not a restaurant nor a meeting room; it’s an intimate area where people can enjoy incredible food without the hustle and bustle of a public place. Upon entering, guests are first welcomed with delicious drinks at the lounge area, equipped with a small bar. The dining area is on the other side, where guests will be seated once the food is ready. A dramatic entrance by the honorary guest chef occurs as the walls slowly slide open, revealing the kitchen and the culinary team preparing the food.

Anyone who has ever watched a cooking show or competition has always been curious about what goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant and wants to see the magic happen in person. At The Dining Room, guests are not only served world-class food, but also get to experience this exciting process first-hand. This open kitchen concept is truly an innovation, as guests can walk in and see the cooking and plating process up-close throughout the evening.

Celebrity chefs from world-renowned restaurants have already served unforgettable evenings at The Dining Room. The array of Michelin-starred chefs include Chef Richie Lin of “Mume” Taipei, Chef Julian Royer from Odette Singapore, #1 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, and Chef Thierry Drapeau from France. Explore the wonders of the culinary world and take your palate on an incredible adventure at The Dining Room.

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