Gedong Putih: The Extraordinary White Mansion


Hidden inside one of Bandung’s highland areas, we found a beautiful art deco style mansion that was originally built in 2014 as a club house for the surrounding area. In its short life this mansion has now been reimagined as a wedding venue as well as the spot for two of the city’s finest dining institutions. Welcome to Gedong Putih!

Photos by Bagus Trilaksono

Restaurant – Gedong Putih

Literally meaning ‘the white mansion’, Gedong Putih, designed by Jeffrey Budiman of Grain and Green, shows a modern take on the landhuizen or country houses from the Dutch East Indies era - having a white façade and using vernacular architecture to give better air circulation. Under the new name, this establishment now has a beautiful and spacious green lawn at the back that is perfect for weddings or any outdoor gathering. The building itself now hosts Apsara, a Thai restaurant, Welfed, a Modern Western restaurant, a ballroom, and a private meeting room with an intimate sun deck rooftop.

Managed by the talented Michelle Lukito, it is interesting to see the mix of design that Gedong Putih has under its roof. A modern classic approach has been chosen as the main theme for the public areas. However, this theme completely changes once you enter the restaurants.

Apsara, located on the first floor, is a sensual and glamourous looking restaurant decorated in deep emerald and gold. The entrance hall, adorned with various mirrors in baroque style frames set against an indigo ceiling, leads to the large dining room featuring crystal chandeliers juxtaposing the wooden floor and a huge tropical jungle themed mural. It is surrounded by an open terrace featuring white-washed furniture from Balagi&Dilmoni. It is such an outlandish ambiance yet so lavish that it transports you back to the golden era of the 1920s.

The second floor is divided into three distinct areas: a private meeting room with an intimate sun deck on the roof, a ballroom, and another great design find - the Welfed restaurant. The dining area is a little smaller as it has a bar and a larger terrace area. An American mid-century interior look was chosen to create the ambiance for this Modern Western restaurant combining the wood elements with stone rocks, freestanding fireplaces, and vintage furniture from Europe. There is a gigantic mid-century modern brass chandelier, designed by HIVE Design, which is the standout feature in the dining room.

Food-wise, Welfed is run under the eye of the talented Indonesian Chef, MandifWaroka. Known for his two successful restaurants in Bali: Teatro Gastroteque and Blanco par Mandif, With modern western cuisine as his forte, Mandif uses imagination and inspiration to create his celebrated dishes. It is no surprise that he was voted the best chef in Bali in 2011 and has won numerous international gourmet awards.

The way his dishes are presented has a very sophisticated design aesthetic that makes them both beautiful to the eye and a taste sensation on the palate. We had a culinary joie de vivre while tasting some of his dishes such as the surf and turf risotto with fermented cabbage and cucumber with mint granita. Simply put, Welfed achieves a wonderful equilibrium between an enchanting design and Mandif Waroka’s delectable cuisine.

Gedong Putih

Villa Triniti

Jl. SersanBajuri km 5,2


+6222 278 5185

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