The Glamorous Party House

The Glamorous Party House

By vira

Story by Vira Tanka | Photos by Peter Tjahjadi

Vivianne Faye is known for her glamorous style without looking over the top. Along with that, she really has eyes for details. So, when a home owner wanted to transform one of their houses into a lavish party house that any guest would admire, it’s only right to choose her as the interior designer. Indonesia Design had a tour around the Party House guided by Vivianne, and here is the story.

Reception area under the new void, with the newly built arches and the relocated stairs

The house sits on a 2700 sqm land in the heart of South Jakarta. It’s located right in a corner, which gives it a benefit of having two entrances. The three-storey colonial house has stood there for the longest time and the façade is maintained as is. The interior, however, has just gone through a major renovation to fit into its new function. It’s designed in transitional style between Classic and Modern and every part of it is meant either for a gathering or as guest bedroom.

Upon entering the house, you will be welcomed with a sequence of arches with a round centre table underneath. “Because this house is used for holding events, the decoration changes according to the theme, whether it’s Christmas, Chinese New Year, or something else,” Vivianne said while walking us to the bar, located on one side of the main entrance. Unlike the rest of the house, the bar is colourful with a 70’s feel. On the other side of the main entrance is a study room, embellished with a chinoiserie wallpaper.

The first floor has two sitting areas, which is the living room next to study and the lounge which is further back. Sandwiched between them is an 8-seater dining room, which two opposite walls are double-sided decoration shelves. Each room is adorned with a crystal chandelier, which contributes to the luxuriousness of the house. And what’s a party house without music? A piano is standing by at one of the corners near the back lounge. The spacious area in the middle is perfect to hold a dance session.

Vivianne likes to embellish almost all parts of every room, from the floor to the ceiling

In this house, you almost won’t see any bare wall, there’s always paneling even by the stairs. Climbing the marble stairs with classic handrail, you’ll arrive at the mezzanine on the second floor. Both voids were added in the renovation, while the stairs were originally in another position. “We needed five years to finish this project because it was a pretty hard remodeling work,” Vivianne said.

The house has eight bedrooms in total, including two Presidential Suites. All the bedrooms are located on the upper floors. Each one has a different design and comes with an ensuite bathroom. Each of the Presidential Suites has a living room, a dining room, a bedroom, a walk-in closet, a bathroom and a pantry. A lot of the accessories in the bedrooms are from Vivianne Faye Home, a brand that Vivianne founded since 2017. Other than bedrooms, the second floor also has a function room and a home theatre room that sits eight people.

The bedroom in one of the Presidential Suites

The front part of the third floor is dedicated for a rooftop bar that consists of an outdoor and an indoor dining area. The indoor bar is looking fresh with green paint and tiles as well as plant- themed mural. The design creates a younger feel compared to the rest of the house.

The rooftop bar is connected with the newly added building in the back, which is where some of the smaller bedrooms are located. With an access through the elevator or stairs, you can go right down to the soon-to-open cafes on the ground floor. These cafes are directly accessible from the second entrance gate, so that any event going on in the main house won’t be interrupted with incoming customers.

The first café is designed beautifully, and a high tea concept is still in discussion to match the design. Meanwhile, the other café gives more of a New York kitchen vibe with a brave mix of colours, textures and patterns on the finishing and furniture. “I think this one will be a cosy place for people to hang out or even work, while the other one will probably suit best for ladies gathering,” Vivianne said.

The study room with chinoiserie wallpaper

Another exciting thing is the courtyard with a gazebo and a pool, where fun outdoor parties can be held. After all, what’s a party house without a pool party area? However, at the time of our tour, the courtyard area is yet to be renovated. “I will have the main house and the back house separated by a divider of some kind,” Vivianne said.

All in all, there will be a lot of function rooms and areas in the Party House. Various types of party can be held here, from formal dining to pool birthday party. A basement parking area is provided, because who knows, there might be more than one party going on at the same time, which requires more parking slots for visitors.

The Party House is not just an interesting concept, but it’s also fun for Vivianne because the owner trusts her with all the design and material choices. And to her, every space is a place to explore and has to be designed thoughtfully, whether it’s a horizontal or vertical space.

Dining room in one of the Presidential Suites

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