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Passing Sudirman Street, Lighthouse Coffee Brewery stands out as the only coffee shop among the bustling after-hour traffic. Founder Handi Santoso Maharjana believes that it not only delivers customised coffee to the customers, but that all hired baristas have a personal approach that fosters a ‘homey’ feeling as you step inside.

Photo by Lighthouse Coffee Brewery doc.

Lighthouse Coffee Brewery may remind you of the welcoming aura of a coffee shop in San Francisco or Tokyo. Founder and head of barista Handi Santoso Maharjana thinks that establishing a second home is of upmost importance. “As the name implies, the coffee shop needs to shine throughout the place,” Maharjana says.

Once stepping in, the 98-sqm room greets you with a long counter bar filled with wooden stools designed by a Bandung-based atelier, Samahita Studio. There are 31 seats with other wooden furniture in the indoor area, while the porch is dedicated for those who want to enjoy the outdoor breeze. The shop’s lighting create a perfect ambience for people to be productive.

“Young professionals come here either for work or study,” Maharjana says. The interior is simple and gives comfort for all coffee drinkers.

A barista himself, Maharjana has gained recognition on a regional and national scale at coffee events. Gaining an international Q-Arabica Grader certification helped him to attract the right customers while he trained four baristas at his coffee shop. Lighthouse Coffee Brewery offers five unique selections of coffee beans, including Flores Bajawa, Bali Kintamani, Java Pangalengan, Jambi Kerinci, and Minang Solok. Amongst all, Flores Bajawa coffee bean is one of the favourites for its sweet, fruity taste that offers subtle flavour for the palate.

Maharjana said that customers usually go for his avocado-latte Voccino, Cappucino, its V-60 pour over dripper manual brew and the frappe Avocado Coffee.The must-try dishes are the spicy ‘Flying Duck’, the all-natural Lasagne, the charcoal wheat bread based Sandwich and the homemade Happy Burger.

Taking inspiration from convenient coffee shops such as Starbucks, Caribou, and % Arabica, Maharjana aims to give a relaxed feeling at his space. At the coffee counter, the founder decided to include a personal touch: his collection of Lego superheroes, which include Star Wars, Gundam, and Wall-E figures. “It gives the place a lively feeling.”


Jenderal Sudirman no 546 block A6,

Sudirman Town House, Bandung 40183

T :+62 22 - 20562121


IG :lcb_bdg

FB :@lcbbdg

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