The Stone of Elegance


Considering the high quality of BNB's (Bian Niaga Batuan) marble and granite stones, it is not surprising to see that the company's showroom also presents a similar high quality. In addition to showrooms in Buduran and Gedangan in Sidoarjo, East Java, the company owns a sprawling and remarkable compound comprising an office, a showroom, a gallery and a stockyard in Cibinong in Bogor, West Java.


Photo by Bian Niaga Batuan Doc.

Since entering the marble and granite industry in 1997, BNB has developed an impressive showroom that spans 3.5 hectares in Cibinong in Bogor, West Java. Designed by Gabrielle S. Picard, the three- storey building offers a new image for the marble and granite industry. More than just an ordinary showroom, the compound features a modern concept with minimalist decoration that resembles an art gallery. The simplistic nature of a colour scheme that paints the building in black-and-white tones lends a splendour to the building.

The luxurious ambience of the main lobby is represented by the Turtle Black marble floor, a type of black marble originating from Morocco that features a unique oral motif. Its elegant black tone combines beautifully with the grey shade of the Italian sandstone on the wall. Above the lobby is The Gallery, where visitors can view BNBÕs marble-an-granite collection in a modern and automated way by using electric-rack technology.

In the stockyard area behind the site, visitors can see a vast area comprising three hangar-like buildings where the company stores its complete collection of marble and granite. The beautiful design of the compound resembles a resort, making us forget that the place is actually a stockyard. With a lot of greenery and water; the usual blistering, harsh and dirty characteristics of an industrial area never appear. For visitors who are tired after spending their time going around, benches are available for a short rest. There are also golf charts that can make going around the compound more convenient.

Similar to BNB's showrooms in Buduran and Gedangan in Sidoarjo, East Java; the Cibinong showroom is equipped with a Display Room complete with a void above that allows customers to see their selection of marble patterns laid out before them. There is also a cafe for customers who need to wait for their marble to be packed securely. The combination of a grand and comfortable showroom with an electric rack concept, a display area and a cafe is BNB's way to please its customers by presenting their best marble and granite products.

Project Data

Project Name
BNB Gallery & Stockyard Bogor

Jl. Raya Jakarta-Bogor Km 46
Cibinong, Bogor

Site Area
34,700 sqm

Gross Floor Area
18,650 sqm

PT Bian Niaga Batuan (BNB)

Architecture Consultant

Principal Designer
Gabrielle S. Picard

Interior Contractor
By owner

Landscape Consultant
Komang Ardhakumara

Civil & Structural Consultant
Hidayat Kusuma

December 2009

December 2010

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