The Story Behind Indonesia Design’s 100th Edition Logo

The Story Behind Indonesia Design’s 100th Edition Logo


Nusae is a Bandung-based graphic design studio founded by Andi Rahmat and Dicky Sukmana in 2013. Specializing in environmental graphic design systems, signage systems, and branding, Nusae created the unique logo for Indonesia Design's 100th edition as a token of milestone. The team shared their creative thinking behind the logo, as outlined below.

Andi Rahmat, Nusae

The number 100 in general is considered a symbol of success, achievement and perfection. For Indonesia Design, the 100th edition is something to be thankful because it marks a long journey and a continued commitment to showcasing local designers and their works to a wider audience.

We visualised that message through a logo, which is inspired by wheels moving in a clockwise direction. The wheels symbolise a forward motion, whilst the two interlocking circles represent togetherness in embracing the future.

The visual exploration for Indonesia Design's 100th edition logo stemmed from the concepts of continuous movement, growth, and impactful creation. In broad terms, the selected logo draws inspiration from the movement of wheels and the turning pages of the magazine.

Keywords in the logo-making process
Four out of five logo designs by Nusae
The chosen logo for Indonesia Design's 100th edition

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