The Triple Barn House

Photography By Bruce Damonte

This rusted three-roof house in Sonoma, California is a dream come true for a chef and her husband. Both a relaxing getaway and a cooking lab, this residential retreat helps the couple disconnect from their busy lives and connect with nature in a novel way.

After residing for more than a decade in cities like New York and San Francisco, Hollie Greene and Jim Rottman wanted a home that would allow them to enjoy nature, entertain family and friends, and most importantly, they yearned for place of tranquility.

Their ask was met by Mork-Ulnes Architects, who designed a peaceful sanctuary where the couple can recharge after their demanding daily hustle. They call the residence the Triple Barn House, named after its three roofs of rusted steel.

Surrounded by the countryside but conveniently close to town, the Triple Barn House sits on a steep hillside and boasts panoramic views of the Sonoma Valley. For its facade, Mork-Ulnes Architects drew inspiration from the rural building typology of the area and used corten steel cladding reminiscence of Sonoma’s iron-red rusty coloured soil.

The interior is rooted in Scandinavian practicality and casual openness. Entering the 160 sqm house via a winding staircase, you’ll be welcomed with a stunning view of the Valley through a large window. The stairs land in the public area, where the kitchen and dining room are located. On the other side, a long living room leads to the guest rooms and master bedroom.

A dusty sunbleached palette is kept consistent throughout the interior to enhance the brightness of the house. Artificial lighting in the house are sourced through vintage light fixtures and industrial furnishings, a nod to the home’s agricultural origins.

The indoor area is integrated with the outdoors at the kitchen, which expands outside under a cantilevered eave for a lounge area with plenty of shade from the hot Californian sun. The kitchen counter extends into the landscape with an outdoor bar and grilling area. At night, the outdoor lounge makes a great spot to watch the sunset over dinner. The space flanks the couple’s edible garden and the fire pit sitting under a large Oak tree.

The Triple Barn House was completed in September 2018. Since then, you can spot Hollie and Jim either reading outside by the Oak tree, tending to their garden, hosting occasional cooking classes or simply relishing in a house that has all the elements they desired.

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Bruce Damonte