The Vault by Insignio Studio - A Home and A Private Gallery

The Vault by Insignio Studio - A Home and A Private Gallery

By vira

When designing for the interior of an apartment in the heart of Jakarta, Adianto Salim and Ricky Guna Kusuma of Insignio Studio chose a contemporary design style with rich textures and colours. The apartment is designed to be a home and an art gallery that showcases the owner’s painting collection, that also inspires much of the apartment design.

In designing residential houses, Insignio Studio emphasizes the importance of efficient design and personal touch. These apply to easy maintenance and customization in many elements of the design. Add to that, all the art pieces have sentimental values to the owners. The collection includes works by Made Kedol, AS. Munadi, I Nyoman Tjakra, and Cheng Sui. In some of the rooms, the colour tone is inspired by the focal artwork, which is applied on the wallpaper, upholstery and the furniture.

Despite using a variety of colour schemes in each room of the apartment, the designers skilfully maintains a sense of harmony throughout the interior. White, blue denim, brown leather, and copper accents are expertly combined to create a striking colour play that makes the apartment a pleasure to live in. The use of different materials also contributes to the overall aesthetic, with communal areas like the living room, dining area, pantry, service, and corridors featuring marble flooring, whilst the master bedroom, children's bedroom, and workspace have warm wooden floors. Michael Aram's antique brass accessories add an elegant touch to the bold composition of colours, materials, and textures. The open space configuration and the large windows of the living room create a broad impression and allow natural light to fully illuminate the space.

The title "THE VAULT" was chosen by Insignio Studio to symbolise the idea of a secure and private space for the owner’s valuable art collection. It is a testament to the preservation of beauty, history, and personal treasures within its walls.

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