The Zones of Dekkson’s Seventh Showroom

The Zones of Dekkson’s Seventh Showroom


Since its establishment in 1994, Dekkson’s journey has been marked by continuous innovation and expansion of its business scope. Initially focusing on distributing accessories for aluminium doors and windows, the company gradually diversified its offerings to include variations for wooden and glass doors and windows. Over the years, Dekkson strategically opened showrooms in Bali, Purwokerto, Manado, Medan, Makassar and Jakarta. Recently, it unveiled its seventh showroom in IDD PIK2, featuring a new conceptual design. More than just a showroom, it aims to share knowledge with customers as well.

STORY BY Vira Tanka | PHOTOS BY Bagus Tri Laksono

“We are on the track to achieve the target of having a total of 30 showrooms, each of which has its own unique design concept that allows customers to get a new experience during their visit. With Dekkson’s showrooms spreading across the country, customers can have the convenience of seeing and experiencing our products,” said Lucky Nugroho, the marketing director of Dekkson.

The one in IDD boasts a unique layout that combines two distinct areas known as the Formal and Informal Zones. In the Formal Zone, products are traditionally displayed in vitrines, shelves, and drawers. Conversely, the Informal Zone offers customers a hands-on experience with products applied to doors and windows, doubling as a flexible space for events and programs.

A pivotal element within the showroom is the 5x10 sqm revolving box, which serves as a dynamic separator between the two zones. This innovative feature facilitates various activities such as smart home pod demonstrations and consultations. By rotating the box, new pockets of space are created, accommodating intimate workshop sessions and collaborative discussions with customers. This design approach truly reflects Dekkson’s commitment to pioneering advancements within the doors and windows accessories industry, with a strong emphasis on enhancing customer experiences.

Nadia Lee, co-principal of K-Thengono, explained on the rationale behind the unconventional design concept. “We see Dekkson as an industry pioneer in architectural hardware in the Indonesian market with knowledge and experience based on their innovative design backed with research and development. Therefore, in this concept store, we would like to be able to showcase that in order for Dekkson stand out among the rest of the brands.”

However, Dekkson’s iconic electric blue remains untouched. “With the material palette we have selected, we decided to bring a fresh look for Dekkson with mainly monochromatic grey tones with different textures and contrast it with their iconic electric blue to create an atmosphere that feels forward thinking and trendy,” Nadia further said. On the façade, the blue door becomes the most standing-out feature, combined with stainless steel that exudes futuristic atmosphere.

Ultimately, the showroom is expected to be an inspirational hub for designers and customers alike. By providing detailed information about products in a visually appealing and tactile manner, Dekkson seeks to foster creativity and engagement within the industry.


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