The Zora Kanade Cluster’s Excellent Spatial Planning


Nataneka Arsitek is an architectural consulting firm founded in 1999 by Sukendro Sukendar and Jeffry Sandy. The firm offers architectural, interior, urban and landscape designs. Known for his penchant eyes for details to create space, function, and practicality, Sukendro explains his process in designing The Zora Kanade Cluster by immersing Japanese philosophy, respect for nature and local usefulness.

Written by Iman Hidajat

What was the brief from the client (The Zora)?

The Kanade Cluster is the final development from a total of five clusters in The Zora area, and since our firm has designed all four clusters before, I knew what kind of house concept the developer expected.

Please explain briefly about Kanade Cluster’s house concept.

Overall, The Zora is more into luxurious Japanese modern design. Luxury, in this case, is not only the choice of the materials used. Here, you have a balanced-space house, air circulation and adequate lighting. That is the essence of true luxury that BSD Diamond Development has the desire to develop a healthy residence that is resistant to the post-pandemic era. Of course, there were always minor adjustments from one cluster to another to improve the newer ones.

What other things did you prioritise in building this house?

As an architect, I always prioritise a practical, easy-to-maintain, and durable house, so it doesn’t just look luxurious from the outside. It has to be easy to manage and very practical for the owners who live in it. The key word is how to build a durable house as a comfortable dwelling for years to come.

Please share the sustainability elements of building a good house

The main element of sustainability is how we respect nature. In building a house, we must also know how to treat it with its natural surroundings. For example, if a home faces west, how do we treat that direct afternoon sunlight facing the house daily? That’s why we cannot talk about sustainability from the style concept alone, and we cannot build one against nature.

How about the spatial planning of this house?

If you are talking about ample space, it is not only about the dimension. If you mix it incorrectly and the relationship with other rooms is incorrect, any ample space will feel cramped. Providing a sense of spaciousness for the house’s occupants is one of the essences we continue to pursue. If we can mix and match the room’s design properly and the occupants feel the room is spacious, that is one of the luxuries that can be offered.

What are the most important parts a house needs to have?

A house needs good cross ventilation, airflow and adequate lighting. Do you see why we designed a house with double ceilings? It’s for good airflow. Lights can also illuminate the floors beneath for energy-saving since you don’t need to turn on lights during daylight. Automatically, sustainability has been included in the process of making this residential space.

Can you explain a post-pandemic house concept?

The Zora carries a concept of three-generations dwelling. It is an excellent concept for a post-pandemic house design. Each floor of this house can function to support its occupants should there be a need to self-isolate due to the pandemic.

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