Three-Generation House Trend at Kanade Cluster in The Zora

Three-Generation House Trend at Kanade Cluster in The Zora


One of the most important life choices is settling and growing together in a comfortable residential area. Kanade, the latest cluster in The Zora, offers an unparalleled luxurious harmony that redefines the new wave of living experience.

Written by Iman Hidajat

Photos by Fernando Gomulya

The word ‘kanade” literally means beautiful sound in Japanese. The name truly fits the outstanding residential product of a joint venture between Sinar Mas Land and the Japan-based Mitsubishi Corporation. Boasting the latest innovations, Kanade is the newest expansion from the previous four clusters in The Zora.

Designed by one of the prominent residential architects, Nataneka Arsitektur, and one of the most renowned interior designers, Metaphor Indonesia, Kanade is the last expansion of The Zora. These accomplished developers and designers all worked together to create a residence that follows the current market trend: luxurious dwellings.

Applying the standard of Japanese high-quality living philosophy, both architectural and interior designs use proper zoning divisions to offer a balanced space composition that resulted in a comfortable ambience for the occupants – a modern home design trend today.

Launched to the market just recently, The Zora offers three types of houses in the Kanade cluster. The entry level of 136 square meters has its 24 units already sold out. The spacious 200 square meters adored by the families have only several units left, and the most popular unit measures 264 square meters.

One of the exciting concepts and what The Zora is known for today is its ‘three-generation house’ development. The house is designed for three generations of families living in at the same time. The concept is based on respect towards the elderly.

The three-generation residential designs, both architecturally and interior-wise, have a straightforward approach. The first floor has a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, and sufficient space for the elderly to move around comfortably. At the same time, the second floor serves as a home office and dining room. Going to the third floor is where all bedrooms built for the family.

The set-up of the energy-saving home elevator in Kanade’s two largest types is today’s necessity for the three-generation house trend. This interesting piece of equipment is meant for vertical transportation to help the elderly move easily from one floor to another and vice versa.

Meanwhile, the past pandemic era has also impacted the design concept for the residential developments. Although ‘post-pandemic house’ is a term that is not yet familiar, the vision to build houses that can provide flexibility for its residents to adapt comfortably inside is increasingly sought after.

One of the most critical post-pandemic design concepts is good house zoning, which allows occupants to move around quickly. In the event of a pandemic when one member or even all family members need to self-isolate, Kanade’s floor plans give flexibility for its occupants to get around and isolate comfortably.

By design, sustainability has also been thought out in the house’s construction. For example, how the light can reach all floors, how cross-ventilation can provide an airy ambience, and how using centralised solar water heaters can save the house’s energy. The use of Low-Emissivity Glass, was researched to get the exact percentage of reduced heat by 30 per cent. Developed by the Japan-based Asahi Glass Corp., the largest glass producer in the country, the glass is clear evidence that the developer of this residential project puts at the fore sustainability down to the details.

Built by Nataneka Arsitek, designed by Metaphor Indonesia, with Henco Furniture & Interior Design as its interior contractor, Kanade is not just a mere residence worth purchasing, but a place where one can live in luxurious harmony. It is a well-designed space to live happily with your family to keep up with tradition in caring for the elderly. All in all, it features an excellent concept as a post-pandemic house design.

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