The Revolutionary Swarovski Lighting

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Swarovski Lighting has revolutionised the lighting world with its unique designs and innovative technology. Its decades of experience in the industry has captured people from all over the world, and its myriad of collections in every style can truly belong in anyone’s home.

Swarovski Lighting is renowned for its innovative chandelier designs, combining crystals and light sources to produce beautiful patterns of light, strategically positioned to enhance and transform architectural spaces. The company’s modern design has transformed the lighting industry, due to its expertise in crystal production and state-of-the-art lighting technology. The exclusive designs exude luxury and fine craftsmanship, creating chandeliers impossible to produce anywhere else.

In 2007, Swarovski Lighting added Schonbek, the world-famous chandelier brand, to its portfolio. With 140 years of experience, Schonbek revolutionised the industry by creating hand-crafted chandelier designs using 40,000 customisable combinations of styles, finishes, and crystal types.

The SCHONBEK BRAND contains numerous product lines under its belt. Some of the most beautiful are the Sarella, Emilea, Trilliane and the La Scala Rock Crystal collections. These collections truly evoke Schonbek’s past and its innovative creations for the future.

Sarella collection features a combination of hand-finished metal and multifaceted crystal drops creating a waterfall of glimmer, and is hung using fine glass arms.

La Scala Rock Crystal collection is a line of chandeliers inspired by 19th Century Rococo chandeliers. The La Scala Rock crystals form leaf-like motifs perched on flower-shaped cups, dangling from hand-cast arms and scrolls.

Trilliane collection is the signature Schonbek chandelier, an all-crystal masterpiece that uses inverted pendeloques created using a classic technique that highlights the rawness of mineral crystal.

Emilea collection combines the classic chandelier design with modern crystal accents by using a cast arm structure; simple elegance at its core.


Amaca is an exquisite assortment of hanging lights that use a net sprinkled with hundreds of crystals.

Vibrant: a minimalist selection of floor, wall and hanging lamps that have a matte black structure and finished with a crystal bead.

Fyra is a line of perfectly-faceted crystals in a windowless metal frame, catching light from every angle and releasing bright, flickering lights of colour, serving as a centrepiece for any space.

StarLED uses powerful light emitting diodes (LEDs) to create unique shapes on walls or ceilings that can be pointed in any direction.

The brand also has a series of DOWNLIGHTS that can be dimmed using the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), has a modular system, and use Osram LED solutions. The downlight models include Madison created using industrial metal and pyramid-cut clear crystal, Octa that shines light on multiple angles using a crystal that directs warm halogen light, Ringlet using undulating glass surrounded by a recessed warm halogen light, and Vega, a glass sconce with textural casing that radiates multidirectional light.

Swarovski Lighting has diversified its product offering and has allowed the brand to create the most complex and customisable lighting projects the world has ever seen. Their portfolio has hundreds of designs, all customisable to fit every customer’s needs.

Its product line ranges from chandeliers, pendant lights and wall sconces, to table lamps, recessed lighting and close-to-ceiling light fixtures.

Each product belongs to a different collection with distinguishable designs, providing aesthetically-pleasing lighting solutions for every design style.

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