How to Turn Your Home into a Jungalow

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The Jungalow trend in home décor is huge at the moment. Made extremely desirable by blogger Justina Blakeney in 2017, the Jungalow has made a comeback and it looks like it’s here to stay.

While most of us are homebound due to lockdowns across the globe, a lot of people have been picking up new hobbies and interest in gardening is experiencing a boom. As a result, gardening enthusiasts has been decorating their homes with their labours of love, unwittedly paying homage to the Jungalow home décor trend.

The term Jungalow is a combination of the words bungalow and jungle, encouraging wild and free decorating style. The key to nailing this look is creativity and fluidity. Characterised by rocking patterns, vivid colours, abundance of plants and greenery and playfully exotic furniture and decorative items.

This look celebrates diverse culture and all things bohemian. By chance, it’s also all things we love about decor right now. Think rattan and wicker furniture, bold wallpaper, earthy tones, pattern-on-pattern and vintage designs.

Whether you are a maximalists or minimalists, there are ways to incorporate the Jungalow look in your home and here’s four tips to nail it.


Go bold. Vivid colours set the tone of the look. A plain wall is so much more energising with pop of colours. Add some strong accents, vibrant throw pillows or colourful pots and decorative items will complete your Jungalow look. For the brave ones out there, bold monochromatic colours are in at the moment, it doesn’t have to be pale. Colours of cobalt blue or nude pink, layered with eclectic patterns and plants can evoke monochromatic in a daring way.


Show-stopping, Instagrammable walls like bold tropical prints, Aztec-inspired motifs, vintage designs reimagined into a pattern-on-pattern look. Try layering patterns and textures to create that boho look, like a yellow velvet couch set against banana leaf wallpaper. More is more with Jungalow style.


The Jungalow style effortlessly brings together global elements and the personal style of a globetrotter. Display your travel hauls and souvenirs. Mix and match seasoned items and new ones from all over the globe. Don’t be afraid to layer your antiques from different periods and culture. Mix and match décor with Asian and Middle Eastern influences or African with European influences to create a eclectic hybrid look. Creativity is key.


Finally and crucially, no Jungalow is complete without indoor plants and greenery. A major part of a Jungalow is to bring the outdoors in. Plants feature colours and patterns that refresh and bring to life any space. If you have a dead space in your home, put a tall plant and watch your space transform. If you don’t have a green thumb, try easy and low maintenance ones like aloe vera, succulents, cactus or money plant.

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