Whether it’s a space where you have movie nights with your loved ones or unwind after long, taxing days, your TV area is a space that holds lots of fun and emotion. The space needs to evoke a sense of warmth and inviting while it should be an extension of your personality, lifestyle and preference.

Some prefer their TV area to be adjacent to the dining and kitchen, some combine it with the living area, some households really love sprawling on the floor while watching TV, while some have a dedicated room or a mini cinema.

Whether you want to design a simple living room or a sleek home cinema, read on to see which TV room ideas is right for you.

Your family room design depends a lot on your lifestyle, personal style and the ambience you want to create. If you want a sleek space like modern or contemporary styles to entertain friends and families for movie nights now that PPKM is easing up, include elements like neutral colours and minimalist furniture.

If you prefer an area that invites all who enter to curl up and settle in, design styles like rustic or boho would work wonders as it’s super cozy and warm, perfect to Netflix and chill. Adding some plants, warm colours and amalgamation of textures can create that cozy atmosphere, so inviting during snuggle weather and you’ll have trouble leaving the room.

Living-TV Room

One of the most common of TV rooms, this is where conversations are the centre of this room. Designing this type of TV room takes a lot of consideration on the TV placement, how easily people can talk to each other and the flow of furniture so everyone is comfortable and can communicate without hindrance.

Family-TV Room

Another staple in the TV room design, a family-TV room is where you settle to watch the latest series on Netflix or a Marvel marathon, it’s important to have a space enough for the whole family to congregate whether seated on the floor or over a comfortable sofa. Family photos make great decorations and add warmth, ambience and an immersive scrapbook. Or cozy and plush furnishings to cuddle with your loved ones or pets.

Modern TV Room

Although those sharp lines and fresh colours of modern design might not reflect a cozy ambience, you can still have a modern living room of your dreams while still maintaining comfort and sleek design. You can stick to the classic tricks of combining high-contrast mix of black and white and soften with warm shades of grey and natural wood tones.

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