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Since opening in 2019, The Apurva Kempinski Bali has never been short of wow factors, its opulence drawing ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from visitors and guests. Inspired by the rich culture and history of Indonesia – specifically the ancient Majapahit kingdom – the breathtaking hotel is the result of collaborations between Budiman Hendropurnomo from Denton Corker Marshall for the architecture and landscape, Rudy Dodo from Trivium Design Group, and Paul Gunawan of Litac lighting consultant. Indonesia Design peeks into three of the premium suites from the hotel’s 475 rooms.

Nusantara Presidential Villa

With “Nusantara” (meaning archipelago) and “Presidential” in the moniker, the Nusantara Presidential Villa is the largest villa at The Apurva Kempinski Bali at 1,379sqm.

This two-storey beachfront accommodation features three spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, a grand living space, a kitchenette and a dining area, this villa is more than just accommodation, it is also an event space, ideal for weddings, or other intimate gatherings. The lavish kitchenette is fully equipped with a washing sink, a two-door refrigerator, a microwave, and a kitchen island. The exceptional dining area can seat up to 12; perfect for hosting dinners and its proximity to the Apurva Chapel opens the door to possibilities.

Complemented with direct beach access, guests can dip their toes in the sand or splash in the gentle waves anytime they like. Raising the bar of opulent villas, the Nusantara Presidential Villa provides not one, but two private infinity swimming pools: on the ground floor is an 18-metre-long pool for recreation, and on the top level an 8-metre-long infinity provides an elevated experience.

True to the hosting hotel’s overall concept, guests will be charmed by the unmistakable Indonesian aesthetics – reminiscent of the country’s ancient kingdom – crafted in a sophisticated and sleek design. Wood carvings, lamp shades with traditional rattan weaving pattern, as well as stupa-shaped ornaments and tiered ceiling inspired by ancient temples are some of the cultural details that adorn this villa.

An earthy palette of dark teak wood and beige natural elements features are enhanced by a darker shade of marble in the dining and kitchenette area adding to the villa’s elegance. With floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors, creating the effect of a borderless retreat at one with the surrounding nature, this is luxury at its best.

Ocean Front Prestige Suite

At a glance, the Ocean Front Prestige Suite has similar features to the Apurva Prestige Suite, but the distinctive difference is explained in the name. Nestled on the fourth floor of the hotel’s wing that is closest to the beach, the Ocean Front Prestige Suite boasts unobstructed ocean views, essential for an ideal tropical escapade.

In a true Apurva fashion, Indonesian elements combined with sleek modern design can be found throughout this suite. The combination of dark teak wood with beige marble and limestone features create a welcoming warmth that promises comfort.

“We used a significant amount of wood in the furniture, flooring and ceiling,” explained Rudy. “We also incorporated a touch of Indonesian culture in the basic concept of the design, including in the ornaments of the suite.”

Unlike the Apurva Prestige Suite’s large outdoor area, these suites have picturesque rooftop gardens, complete with a sitting area and a daybed, where guests can relax accompanied by mesmerising ocean sights. Below the rooftop garden, surrounded by the semi-outdoor bathroom, the king bedroom and the living room is the large pool, overlooking the ocean – giving a sense of seamless infinity between the waters.

The expansive bedroom adjoins the bathroom which is a work of art, with modern bathtub, his-and-hers shower and wash basins, and a lounge chair. Living up to its name, every part of the Ocean Front Prestige Suite shows off the azure ocean merging with the blue skies.

Exclusivity is the quality that is most evident from the Ocean Front Prestige Suite. The suite is designed for travellers yearning to replace the busy cacophony of daily life with the hypnotising notes of the whispering waves.

Apurva Prestige Suite

Ensconced on the Nusa Dua cliff, the Apurva Prestige Suite is an elevated haven that boasts idyllic views and unrivalled privacy. The Apurva Prestige Suite offers exclusivity, with a spacious master bedroom, a grand bathroom, a separate living room, a private plunge pool, and a large terrace to enjoy the serene view and just lose track of time.

At 200sqm, this suite seamlessly blurs indoor and outdoor spaces. Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows and sliding doors bring the natural elements outside – such as the frangipani trees and the bougainvillea – in to complement the elegant interior. The impressive bathroom encompasses an outdoor bath, a his-and-hers vanity and shower room, as well as a dressing facility.

Just like the other parts of the suite, the private pool is so generous that calling it “plunge pool” does not do it justice. The proportions expand the possibilities and functionality. The outdoor area is so much more than a space for swimming, it’s a rejuvenating retreat where guests can lounge around, enjoy an afternoon tea, or catch up on their reading.

In tune with the rest of the hotel, the Apurva Prestige Suite takes pride in its Indonesian modern tropical style, seen in the use of wooden elements, mainly on the floor and ceiling. Unlike the theatrical public areas, the suites take a subtle approach to cultural aesthetics. Discerning eyes will be able to spot Indonesian weaving patterns on some of the linens, and the batik kawung pattern on the room partition.

“When it comes to designing the rooms, we tried the simpler and cleaner approach, in comparison with the majestic and ornamental lobby,” said Interior Designer Rudy Dodo. “Instead, we wanted to make the most of the splendid views and make them the highlight of the room. That’s why we have the bed facing the ocean, and even the bathroom boasts the ocean view from the windows.”

The Apurva Prestige Suite provides a sanctuary in the middle of the opulent Nusa Dua area. With an array of world-class facilities, guests have everything they need nearby, while also enjoying a sense of seclusion. Families bigger groups can be accommodated by connecting to a junior suite.

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