Lespace Showroom Features High-End Bathroom Fittings

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

Amidst a multitude of offices and corporate buildings, a new showroom located in Jakarta’s busiest business district boasts high-end bathroom fittings from German brand Grohe and provides a serene space for customers, designers and workers.

Located on the 20th floor of Noble House Building in Mega Kuningan area, the interior space of Lespace showroom has its own story to tell. Officially inaugurated in May this year, the showroom is owned by PT Builders Shop Indonesia.

“Customers can see these products at our office in Kelapa Gading. However, they prefer to come to a more aesthetically- pleasing showroom, so they don’t feel like visiting a regular hardware store. That’s why we created this place,” Vivi Indrijani, PT Builders Shop Indonesia director, says.

This charming place is unlike any other conventional showrooms. For starters, there’s a huge LED screen placed as the centrepiece of the room and is visible from the entrance area. Vivi further says that Lespace was designed to be more than just a regular showroom.

“Lespace is also used for gatherings and events for professionals such as architects and designers. Plenty of clients are quite happy with this place. They love the big screen especially for presentation purposes. We are planning to host more workshops in the future.”

The showroom was designed by Metaphor Interior Architecture and they put an emphasis on making this place multifunctional. This way they can showcase various brands to complement each other. “We don’t want customers coming here and only buy one or two items. We want them to buy other products for the entire house,” she adds.

A cased opening separates the showroom’s entrance from the elevator area, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. To the left is a display of Grohe’s latest and best items enclosed in clear glass boxes and placed in wall shelves. Going in further, you will see a display of the brand’s shower collection and other bathroom essentials such as bathtubs, shower toilets and basins. The main highlight here is the AquaSymphony. At a glance, it looks like a shower product, but just like composing your own water music, AquaSymphony is a wellness zone where the product orchestrates water.

As part of Grohe’s luxury SPA range, AquaSymphony features six different experiences, ranging from curtain-like drops to Bokoma spray for massage, and all can be adjusted from an intelligent control system. Furthermore, a mobile app called GROHE F-digital Deluxe allows user to design their own personal combination of lighting, sound and steam via touch screen or wireless Bluetooth connection.

Back to the showroom tour, in the central area against the backdrop of Jakarta’s cityscape are bathroom and living room setups designed in a modern style. The designers cleverly incorporated different product items of brands into these two setups, hence creating a seamless look that feels warm and homey. The settings can also serve as inspiration for visitors when it comes to designing their own homes. For example, the living room area has a unique ornament that stands out from the rest; it’s a collage of stone samples that are put into frames and hung from top to bottom on a wall.

As you explore the entire space, you will notice that not everything displayed in the showroom is from overseas. For example, a wall near the kitchen area is adorned with decorative plates made by Indonesian designer Luthfi Hasan.

“We want to support local designers. So, a designer willing to exhibit their work can use the central area, as we can easily move the items around,”
Vivi explains.

The tour ends in the kitchen area, which is on the opposite side where all the bathroom fittings are stationed. It’s a fully functioning open-concept kitchen filled with high-end appliances, complete with soft drinks and tea to serve guests. Vivi mentions that the kitchen area can be used for cooking events and there have been requests to do a shoot for cooking video.

Right behind the kitchen, you will also notice a small office space assigned for the marketing team and a separate room for Vivi’s office. A medium-sized meeting table is placed in a corner very close to the kitchen. Here is where employees would gather around to do their work and hold a meeting.

To sum up, this versatile showroom provides a different shopping experience for customers. It is an excellent venue for small gatherings with the atmosphere that creates the feel of a home for employees who work there.

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