Vintage Design Ideas to Add a Nostalgic Vibe into your Indonesian Bedroom


Find yourself waking up feeling a little bit nostalgic? Want your Indonesian bedroom to feel like the old days? Well lucky for you, the old never goes out of style. You can add some vintage style elements into your bedroom as a focal point to bring that old-school vibe back. Play with styles from past eras and some traditional stuff that hit close to home. You can go as far as a full vintage-style room or even combine it with modern elements to design a room with a sense of nostalgia to it.

Here are some ideas and inspirations to try out for your Indonesian bedroom to
satisfy that nostalgic feeling:

Tradition Brings Comfort From The Past


Do you love a traditional style? Indonesia’s vintage design is perfect for the job. Indonesia’s style is dominated by cultural and natural elements to it, especially as a tropical country with such a rich culture. Rooms from the old Indonesian kingdoms and local traditional handicraft is often the inspiration. Wood, with sophisticated and complicated ornaments, usually dominates this vintage design. Popular elemts are wooden bed frames with a hand-carved headboard and a canopy-style bed decorated by carved patterns and accompanied by colourful shams and pillowcases to add pops of colour to it. Guaranteed you will wake up feeling like royalty from a kingdom on a tropical island and always have a mosquito-free slumber every night with the canopy bed nets.

Fairy Lights


String up some warm white twinkle lights around your bed, to evoke a warm atmosphere to your room. Mimicking the candlelight colour makes it seem like you are back in the countryside with only candles to light up your room, a simple way to add a vintage touch. For the full effect of the twinkle lights, you need to combine it with some of the other vintage elements. The fun thing about this is, twinkle lights work with any vintage design you choose and will still work perfectly for any style. Highly recommended for a teenage room or a small to medium size room.

Memory Wall

Photo by Hamann La from Pexels

Creating a memory lane by hanging Polaroids/printed photos on your wall is very old-school. Polaroids create a sense of nostalgic feeling from the early photography era of the 1970s, where the instant camera was a popular hit. Hanging the photos up is also very reminiscent of the old method of printing photos, where they needed to dry in a dark room in order to process. Besides adding some vintage elements to your room, it can also serve as your physical photo gallery, which is also another old method for storing photos. Hang them with strings of rope or use twinkle lights to make it more beautiful even at night.

Pillows, Lots of Pillows


Crowd your bed with pillows! More pillows equals more comfort. We are talking about vintage throw pillows here, let them be the focal point of your room. Unique throw pillows can really enhance the vintage look in your bedroom. Choose patterns such as chevron, gingham, argyle or even ikat to add the a beautiful touch to the room. But it will work best if the throw pillow matches with the other bedding elements in terms of colour scheme.

Bohemian Mix and Match


This particular design will make your room very colourful but still have a calm sense to it. Bohemian style, being an eclectic style, tends to combine colours, objects, and patterns from varied places. Hence it will look so festive and lively but still maintain the vintage vibe through its vibrant earth-tone colours, warm and soft lighting, colourful patterns, and culture-related objects. Surely this vintage design will send you on constant cultural journey with its pattern, colour, items such as dream catchers, wall fabric decors, vibrant bedding, patterned throw pillows, etc.

Old But Gold


Have some old stuff you love and never use, but don’t have the heart to throw it out? Make it your new room decor. Old items are a treasure to vintage design lovers. Reusing old stuff is the very soul of vintage design. You can do a lot with unused things if you get a little bit creative. You can even re-purpose them into a piece of
vintage furniture. Like an old suitcase which can be re-purposed as a vanity table, an old chair re-purposed as a bedside table, or maybe broken window frames and doors turned into a rustic-style bed headrest. If you don’t like to be creative at re-purposing old stuff, worn-out furniture like wardrobes or bedside cabinets can be a charming element for a vintage look. It's also a way to save up some money for bedroom decor and to reduce junk in your house!

Floral Haven


Want something feminine for your design? Go for grandmother’s favourite vintage decor: flowers! Floral patterns can dominate a room when used on bedding, wallpaper, bedside lamp, sofa, etc. Well, not necessarily all of it, but usually, you can complement the floral pattern by using the same colour scheme. This is one of the classic designs that emits a more feminine side of the vintage style. The style will certainly make you miss going to grandma’s house.

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