Virobuild: Infusing Tradition into Contemporary Design

Virobuild: Infusing Tradition into Contemporary Design


Amidst the array of contemporary structures in the Indonesia Design District (IDD) PIK2, one stands out – a traditional building adorned with a thatched roof and wicker walls, featuring a quaint balcony. Encircled by a stone garden with pathways leading to the entrance, it’s unmistakably Viro showroom, a creation of Polymindo Permata, the country’s prominent producer of environmentally friendly all- weather wicker and thatch.

STORY BY Vira Tanka | PHOTOS BY Bagus Tri Laksono, Viro doc.

In 2023, Yori Antar, principal of Han Awal Architects, undertook the renovation of five traditional houses in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara, as part of the Uma Nusantara Foundation projects. In designing the Viro showroom, this endeavour became his wellspring of inspiration that was incorporated into the modern contemporary style. The prominence of roofs in the architecture of Alor’s traditional houses provided an ideal canvas to showcase Viro’s synthetic thatch, indistinguishable from its organic counterpart.

Yori has dedicated himself to acquainting a broader audience, including Indonesians, with traditional Indonesian architecture, countering the prevailing familiarity with Western-influenced styles. “Whilst I identify as a modern architect, I strive to infuse our traditional values into contemporary designs,” he asserted.

With a repertoire of conservation projects in Indonesian traditional villages, Yori possesses profound insights into traditional architecture’s adaptability to modern contexts. “Viro draws inspiration from natural elements like reeds, palm fibre, and bamboo, catering primarily to modern structures with a natural aesthetic and demanding durability.”

The three-storey structure features ramps connecting each level, offering a journey through an array of Viro products showcasing diverse shapes, types, and applications—from wall materials to flooring, ceilings, and beyond. “As you ascend, you’re treated to a visual feast of Viro’s versatility until you reach the zenith,” Yori described the showroom experience.

The interior, curated by the renowned Kezia Karin, embodies a contemporary style accentuating clean lines and a neutral palette. Karin, as she prefers to be called by her last nam, commented, “Synthetic woven materials adorn various features, from walls to railings, furniture, artworks, and decor, imparting texture, warmth, and an amalgam of ethnic and contemporary vibes.”

Art pieces showcased are crafted from Viro’s synthetic woven materials, featuring the material’s creative potential in generating unique patterns and forms, hence accentuating its aesthetic allure.

“This showroom transcends its role as a mere display space; it’s a platform for designers and visitors to explore the product’s potential and, ideally, draw inspiration to craft beautiful, functional spaces,” Karin expressed her aspiration.


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