Vivianne Faye: Glam Up the Old House

By vira

Fifi Fimandjaja founded Vivianne Faye Interiors in 2005 and is known also as Vivianne Faye ever since. She has designed the interior of countless homes as well as other types of buildings, furniture and home décor. Indonesia Design talked with her about one of her latest projects, The Party House, and here’s a fragment of it.

the bar at the Party House

When people enter the house for the first time, what do you expect them to feel?
Homy and glam at the same time. I also want them to feel the wow factor.

Why did you decide to add voids in the main building?

Because the existing building is not tall enough. Meanwhile, we wanted to make the room feel more open and to have high ceilings. Besides that, we wanted to create a communication between the ground floor and the second floor.

<strong><em>Vivianne Faye</em></strong>

Did the client trust you with every design decision?

Well, they really trusted my taste and they were very open to my ideas. I got to take all the design decisions including the choices of materials.

Which part of the renovation was the most challenging? And what was the solution?
To do entire renovation was quite challenging, particularly to move the stairs from the existing old building to the new spot. We moved the stairs to the opposite side to make the room look more spacious.

Which part of the house did you have the most fun renovating?

I had the most fun with The Bar because it has bright colours. Moreover, we wanted to create more of a 70’s feel to it.

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